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Solving The HP M525 13.B9.XX Error Code

M525 13.B9.XX Problem:

13.B9.D1, 13.B9.D2, 13.B9.D3, 13.B9.D4, or 13.B9.DD

Fuser delivery delay jam 1 (paper did not reach the fuser output sensor in time; fuser output)

  • D1-Tray 1

  • D2-Tray 2

  • D3-Tray 3

  • D4-Tray 4

  • DD-Duplexer

Solving The HP M525 13.B9.XX Error Code
Solving The HP M525 13.B9.XX Error Code

M525 13.B9.XX Recommended action: Recovery steps

  1. Open the rear door to the second position.

  2. Open the top cover.

  3. Remove the toner cartridge.

  4. Remove jammed paper if present.

  5. Re-install cartridge and then close the top cover.

  6. Close the rear door.

M525 13.B9.XX Troubleshooting and parts:

  1. Remove all paper and check for residual pieces that could cause the jams.

  2. make sure that the paper meets HP specifications.

  3. paper sensor associated with this message: PS2. Use the manual sensor test to test the sensor. If the sensor is not working, replace the fuser.

  4. If the sensor is working correctly, the error only occurs on a duplex job, and the media is jammed before the fuser with only one side fused, replace the pendulum assembly (RM1-6598-000CN).

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