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Onboarding-Making the Most of Printer Technical Phone Support. Avoid The Top 5 Profit-Time Wasters

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Making the most of printer technical phone support and help reduce time on site.

Top 5 Top MUSTS when using printer technical support

  1. Record as much info from end-user prior to visiting.

  2. Be prepared before calling.

  3. Get in front of the printer prior to calling tech support.

  4. Confirm the printer model number once on site.

  5. Carry USB Thumb drive always.

Record as much information about the printer problem from end-user prior to visit

Collect information from the caller. They will forget important details if you wait to get onsite. End-users can be vague during the initial call. When the end-user calls in the problem ask as many specific questions as you can reasonably get away with while they're on the phone.

  1. Which tray is jamming?

  2. Is the problem intermittent?

  3. Does it happen on the first page out?

  4. What media does it occur on?

  5. Did someone brake something on the printer?

We received a call once regarding troubleshooting a paper jam jamming when duplexing. The caller left out that it only jams when printing from the PC. This single important piece of information could have redirected the call appropriately and could have saved all parties 40 minutes of time.

Be onsight and in front of the laser printer before calling for tech support help

What printer parts have been replaced within the last 3 months? What parts have changed in attempting to repair the current issue? If you have changed the POA, registration assembly and fuser let the tech support staff know that. What parts have you replaced to fix the issue?

Perform all printer diagnostics tests prior to call tech support

  • Engine test

  • Stop test

  • Test all paper trays- run the printer all trays isolate the problem to a tray

Do not leave any information out!

Good Phone Signal

Call from a landline when possible. Many times in building cell signals are poor and will make the communication very difficult and frustrating for all parties. Tell your user that you have to check parts availability.

Confirm the HP laser printer model

Confirm model number prior to touching the printer. Don't rely on the end-user. Google the OEM part number on the device to find models. With all the HP pro series and Enterprises series printer, it to easily confuse the model number.

Be Receptive

This cannot be overstated, especially for printer technicians with 10-20 years in the business. Be receptive to what the tech support people suggest. Great technical leaders can accept ideas from others and can humbly try different points of view.

Thumb drive

Updating firmware is one of the top 10 solutions to solving printer problems. Tehcniasn must carry thumb drive to install or update Firmware.

Bookmark and use online HP printer support tools

Understand the format of the service manual as it will save you time when located answers. Maintain a library of service manuals on the top models you work and avail your self to other resources at your fingertips. Tech support is last resort

Stay updated on the latest laser printer technology and changes

Subscribe to ServiceNews and get the latest service bulletins. Keep a log or journal of printer problems by model. as much as you think you will remember it you won't

Consider Taking printer service training to get acquainted with the latest technology or catch up on some legacy model printers. Printer Repair Training

Printer phone technical support is there to help but they can't do the heavy lifting. Paint a concise, accurate picture for the phone support people. It reflects better on you as a technician and will save your service organization and end-user time and money.

Other Helpful Laser Printer Technical Support Resources

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