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5/26 Metrofuser Offers "Protect The Tech" Covid Mask and Glove Kit Free With Select Orders

5/12 Printer service technicians should be fully trained to perform a disinfection protocol especially on devices found in health care facilities. Decontamination should be performed post service and be a part of preventive maintenance. VIDEO 

3/23 Earn $100 Gift Card On The First $2000 of Online Orders Gift cards to be issued upon request and receipt of payment. Valid only on first 2K of remanufactured parts ordered before 5/1/20

1/9 Onboarding-Making the Most of Printer Technical Phone Support. Avoid The Top 5 Profit-Time Wasters

Thank you for visiting Metrofuser, your HP, Canon and Lexmark printers, and parts Store. We are always working to improve our site to better serve our customers. Easy to use search features makes it easy to find HP and Lexmark printer parts. Simply click on "Parts", "Fusers", "Printers", "Maintenance Kits" or use the search box if you know your Lexmark or HP part number.

You can search parts on keywords like; Formatter Board, Transfer Belt, Optional Feeder, Fixing Assembly, Fuser Assembly, Firmware, DC Controller, Paper Tray, Pad, Pickup Assembly, Maintenance  Kit, and others. Moreover, regardless of whether you're searching for a Printer, MFP, Fuser, Preventive Maintenance Kit, Print Head, Roller, or Roller Kit our printer parts experts are available by phone to assist in the part identification process.

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Shopping for discount printer supplies and consumables online is the easiest way to get the component that you want right on your doorstep. When compared to buying from the Authorized Parts Resellers (APR) or Genuine OEM, buying printer parts online often results in saving money and finding printer parts or hard to find printer service parts. Look no further than Metrofuser.com - we have printer parts with wholesale warehouse prices!  Whether you need Genuine OEM printer parts or compatible aftermarket printer parts for your office printer, you can be sure that we got you covered with laser printer parts online! 

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You won’t be running out of options with our comprehensive product catalog of online printer parts! We carry every laser printer part and printer accessories or components in today's laser printers. Do you need color laser printer accessories like fusers and transfer belts components to keep your printer running? Feel free to browse through our online printers parts catalog of reliable maintenance kits, fusers, transfer belts, Printer Power Supplies, Printer Logic Boards, Paper Handling Units, Transfer Belts and Kits and many more. We carry thousands of high-performance printer components that will keep your office laser printer running. 

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Metrofuser's online laser printer diagrams will help you locate parts and our downloadable printer service manuals will solve the toughest printer support problems out there. Metrofuser's printer technicians and engineers developed thousands of hours or printer service how-to videos and step by step part replacement instructions. Whether your laser printer comes with a printer Care Pack or its out of warranty we can help. 

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What's this item I just started working with Metrofuser about a month ago and I have to tell you I have not had one bad HP printer part from them. In the past with my other hp printer part suppliers. I would get at least 5 to 6 bad printer fusers shipped to me. My technician would go out to the customer's site to fix their printer and find out that the fuser we got was DOA. Now that I have found Metrofuser I will never go back to those other vendors. Thank you so much for calling me Ken Lang you saved us. :)--  Printer Service Company, Service Manager

Try Metrofuser. I had better luck with them. They use Anti-tear Films in their LJ 4200 Fusers, and it seems they also now use them in other printer fuser as well. They will go to bat for you since they are a customer-focused company.-- Printer Service Company, Service Manager

 I have used your competitors in Georgia and Wisconsin and so far you are the best! You keep making me look good. -- Managed Printer Service Provider