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How Today's Paper is Increasing Printer Service Costs and Warranties for Dealers and Manufactures

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

We want to make it clear this is not a hit piece on this gentleman's company or its product. Nor is this a commercial for a brand of paper. We are not being compensated in any way from paper companies.

How Today's Paper is Increasing Printer Service Costs and Warranties for Dealers and Manufactures
How Today's Paper is Increasing Printer Service Costs and Warranties for Dealers and Manufactures

In the video below, the spokesperson does a nice job explaining the use of limestone- calcium in paper pulp formulation. His innovation is taking it to a new level. Stone paper is specialty paper for inkjet printers only but he comments that there is potential use with laser printers.

The pebble paper discussed is 80% limestone- calcium 20% polyethylene plastic. It is aesthetically pleasing and is designed for specialty purposes only. The technology claims to use 30% less ink and has the potential of a sustainable alternative to traditional paper.

Using Paper With Limestone Pulp In Laser Printers?

While the use of calcium in paper is not new, the percentage used in paper formulas has been creeping up for years. We operate downstream of this technology so we are familiar with it.

We all should be asking more questions about the consequences of limestone-calcium content in paper pulp.

How concerned are manufactures of paper about the medium to long term effects of limestone- calcium has on the devices and the costs associated for companies responsible for maintaining them.

How concerned are the device manufactures about this paper?

From our perspective and industry research there are considerable consequences for manufactures of laser printers-copiers as well as the service companies maintaining this equipment.

Our recommendations are from our experience and published industry research. We want to bring awareness to this issue.

Why Do Paper Manufactures Use it?

Many overseas paper manufacture (mainly China) uses limestone-calcium in paper formulas to reduce the cost and wood content. Limestone is abundant and more available then trees in those regions of the world.

While laser printers are engineered to work with a wide array of specialty paper, printers do have some basic requirements and assumptions about the paper formulation.

Toner remanufactures can attest how much investment and resources go into a quality cartridge. High content calcium paper moves the goal post and changes everything for everyone.

  • Users of print (Just about every company in America)

  • Buyers

  • Print Dealers

  • Manage print service operators

  • Aftermarket toner remanufactures

  • Parts Suppliers

  • Printer and copier manufactures

Problems While this high limestone-calcium paper looks the same, at a micro level there are dramatic differences when compared to traditional paper. Typical office paper has a smoother texture that works well with all the touch points of the laser printer. The newer high calcium paper has a very abrasive texture and reduced durability and higher failures leading to more warranties.

Additionally, high calcium paper leaves more dust behind. Not paper dust, but something else. There are unknown health effects of limestone-calcium paper dust in a close office environment on humans. We have decades of research on traditional paper.

Print Quality

Changes to the paper content may alter the thermal heat characteristics for laser printers which would produce image defects and toner adhesion problems.

Check Out Buyers Labs Research On Paper

Higher Service Costs Reduce Printer Life

Research shows this high content limestone reduces the lifespan of the parts as well as the laser printer. It increases paper jams, service costs, warranties for both manufactures and aftermarket suppliers.

Most inkjet printers do not have the sophisticated paper path that laser printers and copiers have. Research shows high content limestone paper wreaks havoc on the entire paper path assembly. The following components are all in the path of the paper:

  • Fuser

  • Upper and lower pressure rollers

  • Fuser Film

  • Fixing Film Assembly Grease contamination

  • Transfer Rollers

  • Pickup rollers

  • Separation pads

  • Gears

If your company has MPS or maintenance agreements specify you responsible for the hardware service costs and parts you should have a say as to the type of paper they are using. Allowing the customers' buyers to fill their printers with the lowest cost paper of the day opens service companies up to liabilities.


Recommend and educate users about the benefits of standardized papers. Service contracts and agreements should specify standardized paper. Service people should be informed and taught how to verify the type of paper being used by the customer regularly.

For laser printers and MPS environments we recommend the use of BLI or Colorlok paper. There are numerous brands and merchants with this certification.

How Today's Paper is Increasing Printer Service Costs
Printer Service Costs and Warranties for Dealers and Manufactures
Laser Printer Paper
Laser Printer Paper

The long term use and consequences of high calcium paper should be studied more before it is unleashed on the world.

Unfortunately there is a rush to cut costs and tout the questionable sustainable benefits. We recommend service organizations protect themselves and be prepared.

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