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Trouble Shooting HP M601 M602 M603 M604 M605 M606 Printer and Fuser Problems

Top Answers to the most common HP M601 M602 M603 M604 M605 M606 Printer Problems

Trouble Shooting HP M601 M602 M603 M604 M605 M606  Printer and Fuser Problems
Trouble Shooting HP M601 M602 M603 M604 M605 M606 Printer and Fuser Problems

DO NOT INSTALL OR REMOVE FUSER BEFORE TURNING POWER OFF. Failure to power down before installing or removing fuser wills void warranty

If you are experiencing problems with this fuser (jams, noises, poor print quality, etc.), please observe the following:

If the fuser's sleeve does not spin when you manually turn the gear, please do not assume that the fuser will not run in the printer. At room temperature, the grease applied inside the sleeve thickens and may actually prevent the sleeve from spinning. When the fuser is installed and run in the printer, the grease will heat up and attain proper viscosity.

If you continue to experience paper jams after replacing the fuser, replace the feed/separation separation rollers (one in the paper tray and two in the bottom of the printer) and three MP tray rollers. Ensure that the paper you are printing on is within the specifications allowed by HP. For tray one/MP tray, the paper must be between 16lb and 54lb. For trays two to six, the paper must be between 16lb and 36lb.

Be certain that both sides of the fuser are firmly locked into the printer. Listen for the two locks to snap in when you install it. If the fuser is not secured, the printer may display a “50.3 FUSER ERROR” message or you may hear a grinding noise. In either of these cases, remove the fuser and reinstall it making sure that both sides are locked in place.

Fixes for Most Common M601 – M606

Paper Jams

  • Replace worn pickup and separation rollers. Use only OEM or high-quality compatible rollers.

  • Remove fuser, cassette and toner to perform a thorough, full printer inspection for paper

  • pieces or debris stuck inside.

  • If jam message appears at startup, disassemble printer to access and inspect the Paper

  • Feed Roller Assembly (P4015: RM1-4527, M60x: RM1-8411) – you will often find paper or debris stuck here.

  • Inspect Pre-feed sensor flag once printer is disassembled. Refer to Service/Repair Manuals for disassembly procedures.

  • Ensure cassette guides are properly aligned/snug against paper stack.


  • Inspect/replace the swing plate.

  • Pickup or separation rollers may be worn. Replace them. Use only OEM or high-quality compatible rollers.

  • On the printer’s display, navigate to Administration; Troubleshooting; Diagnostic;

  • Component Test. Test each motor individually. The motor test that makes the noise reveals the sub system from where the noise is originating.

  • Check for worn gears on the delivery assembly and delivery drive assembly.

  • For clicking/knocking noises, check/replace the tray 2 lifter assembly.

50 Service

  • Remove and reinstall fuser. Ensure both blue locking clips are engaged.

  • Replace the fuser.

  • If multiple fusers generate a 50.xx.xx Service Error, replace the power supply.

  • Replace the DC Controller.

Image defects

  • Replace/try another toner cartridge.

  • To Avoid Image defects the OEM requires your media type matches the printer settings and the driver settings.

  • Replace the transfer roller.

  • Remove the laser scanner and inspect for toner


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