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8 Reasons Top MPS Dealers and VARs Tell Us They Market Remanufactured Printers

You may know Metrofuser from the professional-grade printer parts we make, or you may know us for America's longest-running printer repair training classes giving to technicians looking for the opportunity to learn skills on the latest technology.

Did you know we also offer a full line of top-quality remanufactured printers? Grow your business and your profits with the most popular models our dealers are now ordering!

Delivery Options

Your remanufactured printer from Metrofuser can be blind drop shipped directly to you or to your customer location.

Why do MPS providers use remanufactured printers?

Still wondering if remanufactured printers are right for you? Here are 8 reasons top MPS dealers and VARs tell us they now include remanufactured printers in their MPS offering:

MPS Profitability – most of the top MPS providers in the country would agree that one of our remanufactured printers running with a high capacity toner cartridges could be the most profitable combinations on the planet. Next time your prospect tells you that your cost per page is too high, remember what you just read here and give us the chance to help you win.

Parts & Service Availability – you know the aftermarket industry tries hard to keep up with the latest OEM product and consumable releases, but have you ever thought about your poor technicians? Perhaps the biggest benefit is the comfort level in knowing there are plenty of parts available on previously enjoyed models. Plus, you’re service personnel or 3rd party service providers tend to be very proficient working on many of the popular models now remanufactured.

Full Warranty – your customers may ask for product warranties but normally that falls on your shoulders when you bill an all-included cost per page in mono or color. The good news is that each of our remanufactured printers comes with a full warranty so you and your customers are covered.

Consumable Selection – just like the vast availability of parts for remanufactured models, you should expect the same readiness when it comes to fulfilling consumable orders. No stock-outs, no waiting for another boat to cross the ocean, no more apologizing to customers. From a toner manufacturer’s perspective, the HP P4015 series continues to be the most demanded line of toner cartridges even though those models have long left the showroom floor.

Ink Jet Replacement – if you’ve sold managed print services for more than a month, you’ve already figured out that you need a replacement strategy to unhook those nasty inkjet printers form the arms of end-users claiming they need their own device. What will be your strategy to replace the next profit eating inkjet that shows up on your print assessment? With the new low cost of remanufactured, field-proven laser printers, now you can afford to bundle in an upgrade and start enjoying the benefits listed above.

Fleet Consistency – imagine a world where every printer your customer walks up to has the same user interface. The same paper access areas and the identical cartridge for them to store and you to ship. Do you get the picture? Less end-user confusion, simplified inventory for them, and a whole lot less work for you. For those MPS clients who place a value on end-user productivity, the opportunity to offer staff the same device at all locations can be extremely compelling.

Hot-Swap Readiness – because of the low cost and high perceived value to your MPS clients, many dealers are now including “printer hot swaps” as part of their MPS value proposition. They do this by storing extra remanufactured printers on their own site to be quickly delivered to the customer site to replace a problematic printer, or they offer the customer the option to store an extra device at their location.

The Environment – over 85% of printer components can be recycled and this can lead to a very compelling value proposition for sustainability-driven prospects and tenders positioned as part of a “Greener Print Strategy”.

Metrofuser is a leading independent provider of multi-vendor refurbished printers, spare parts, and repair services. Metrofuser operates across the entire channel of used printer hardware.

Our asset recovery divisions work in partnership with OEM’s and leasing companies to provide an acclaimed set of trade-in services designed to maximize the value of customers’ printer hardware. Metrofuser takes these redundant IT assets and refurbishes them to warranty terms. Our main customers fall into three clear brackets, those are:

  • Third-Party Maintenance (hardware support),

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs

  • Retailers

Metrofuser does all refurbishment work in house and aims to supply the highest quality refurbished printers at the most competitive prices in the market. An extensive range of bespoke related services such as advance exchange repairs and managed inventory make Metrofuser a clear partnership choice for successful solutions within the asset recovery, hardware support and recharging IT industries.


  • Ability to concentrate on core business skills.

  • Reduced complexity within the customer's repairs infrastructure.

  • Reduced investment required whilst experiencing improved costs, efficiency and service availability.

  • Ability to meet internal and client Service Level Agreements.

  • Ability to transform their repairs process into a variable cost model.

  • Experience of a high level of quality repair service.

  • Ability to outsource the process whilst remaining informed at every stage of the cycle.

Ask your Printer Service Adviser at Metrofuser about how you can win more with remanufactured printers in your MPS program! Call 908-245-2100.

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Metrofuser is a leading global innovator, manufacturer of printer parts, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional users performing critical tasks. Products and services include hp printer parts, printers, and printer repair training. Parts include hp printer parts such as printer fusers, printer maintenance kits, and other hp printer replacement parts. The company's, customers include office equipment dealerships, online retailers, repair centers and MPS service providers nationwide. Metrofuser has been named to Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing companies five consecutive years.  Printer Service Adviser can be reached at 908-245-2100 or visit


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