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America's Top MPS Managed Print Service Dealers Choose Metrofuser!

Since its creation in 2003, Asset recovery has been the driving philosophy behind all business processes and solutions provided by Metrofuser to its customers. Through this direction Metrofuser has gained vast experience in the recovery and reintegration of IT printers and created long established, tried and tested, solutions which have made it a solid partner for any corporate faced with the conundrum of disposing of its printing assets.

America's Top MPS Managed Print Service Dealers Choose Metrofuser!
America's Top MPS Managed Print Service Dealers Choose Metrofuser!

Such is Metrofuser's demand for redundant IT product, spanning over 15 years of multivendor production, it is a rare for a charge to be made for environmental disposal. Should this be necessary, however, our policies and ISO regulations ensure all required destruction certification is produced to ensure that an environmentally sound solution is achieved. Metrofuser's Asset Recovery service is fully in line with legislation in North America.

Today Metrofuser has successfully established long standing relationships with some of the largest IT dealers, leasing companies and resellers. We also operate Asset Recovery programs for the two largest printer manufacturers in the world.

The benefits to such organisations are not only a well established route to markets around the globe for unlimited quantities of redundant assets. They are also a delivery and scheduling mechanism that keeps those assets at maximum value throughout the, sometimes lengthy, new sale negotiation process.

In addition, Staff sale and employee purchase programs are extremely popular with organisations operating IT Asset Recovery programs as it not only boost morale internally but allows them to take advantage of the government tax breaks on such activities

Metrofuser is well placed to run such programs and can call upon a large network of home delivery and installation services to provide seamless successful staff-sale transactions for our customer’s employees.

Metrofuser is a leading independent provider of multi-vendor refurbished printers, spare parts and repair services.

Metrofuser operate across the entire channel of used printer hardware.

Our asset recovery divisions work in partnership with OEM’s and leasing companies to provide an acclaimed set of trade-in services designed to maximise the value of customers’ printer hardware.

Metrofuser takes these redundant IT assets and refurbish them to three distinct levels and apply associated laser printer warranty terms. Our main customers fall into three clear brackets, those are: Third Party Maintenance (hardware support)

, self maintainers and IT hardware Resellers.

Metrofuser does all refurbishment work in house and aims to supply the highest quality refurbished printers at the most competitive prices in the market. An extensive range of bespoke related services such as advance exchange repairs and managed inventory make Metrofuser a clear partnership choice for successful solutions within the asset recovery, hardware support and recharging IT industries.

  • Lower Asset Acquisition and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Higher gross profit for you and more competitive offerings to your customers.

  • Metrofuser's rigorous quality control and documentation.

  • Fewer printer warranty issues.

  • Less end user downtime.

  • Known technology and proven printer models.

  • Less expensive and reliable consumables available.

  • Less expensive remanufactured maintenance and repair parts availability.

  • Uniformly replace printers under contract, reducing toner inventory and cost per page.

  • Metrofuser's Ship Ready Printers.

  • Because time is money, Metrofuser offers many of the most popular printer models with same-day shipping.

  • Blind drop ship - direct to your customers .

  • Metrofuser 's free in-house tech support, Experienced HP technician at your fingertips.

  • Faster service calls Less time diagnosing and locating part numbers.

  • Direct transfers to experienced salesperson for quick on-site quoting.

  • Metrofuser- The Experienced Printer Remanufacturer Remanufacturing high-quality laser printers since 2005.

  • Cosmetically and mechanically fully remanufactured HP printers.

  • End user ready Save time and money with the confidence to ship direct to the end user.

  • Experience Metrofuser's first-class customer service

  • No long hold times.

  • Quick answers from experienced printer professionals.

  • Comprehensive warranty coverage.

  • Greater peace of mind.

Call Metrofuser today to discover how remanufactured printers can increase your bottom line.

Exclusive 33-Step Printer Remanufacturing Process

Quality Control Check #1

  • Initial evaluation for defects

  • Test all printers for any errors or potential print problems Firmware upgraded to latest manufacturer's version

  • Printer is stripped down to the chassis for further inspection of gears, rollers, swing arms, and other commonly worn parts

  • Interior of printer is thoroughly cleaned

  • Excess toner removed

  • Evaluate elements of the printer to determine what to replace or refurbish

  • Replace worn fuser with a high-quality rebuilt fuser

  • Replace high-wear parts such as gears and rollers

Quality Control Check #2

  • Test fuser to ensure printing results are clean, even and within manufacturer's specifications

  • Inspect and/or replace any cracked or broken plastics

  • Replace or paint any plastics that have discolored over time

  • Verify and test printer's memory, connectivity ports (i.e. USB, parallel and/or network card)

  • Repair all known error codes

  • Clear Error Codes from system

  • Reset printer to original equipment manufacturer factor defaults

Quality Control Check #3

  • Test print quality, again

Quality Control Check #4

  • Test different tray functionality

  • Adjust print registration/alignment on all trays

Quality Control Check #5

  • Test different print modes: duplex, fax, scan, multiple pages, ADF, etc.

Quality Control Check #6

  • Final quality control testing-test pages to send out with printer

  • Again, meticulously cleaned externally and internally

Quality Control Check #7

  • Final Inspection:thoroughly cleaned, inside and out test pages good and included with printer serial numbers match all parts of printer completed and included printer visually pleasing

  • The printer is then professionally and carefully boxed

  • Warrantied with Metrofuser's outstanding 6 month warranty


Experience first-hand why so many of America’s top MPS dealers are adding Metrofuser’ remanufactured printers to their product line-up.  Offering premium quality remanufactured printers gives your customers a reliable and lower cost alternative to new.

What are you waiting for? CALL TODAY - 908-245-2100, Hit 0 for sales

Metrofuser' Vision

Every potential customer recognizes Metrofuser’ brand and its reliability, support, and contributions to a healthier earth.

Since 2003 Metrofuser has been the premier printer remanufacturer in the U.S. Our dealer-direct model is the cornerstone to successful, profitable printer fleet management, MPS, and service swap scenarios. Metrofuser is the nation's largest remanufacturer of HP and Lexmark laser printers.


Full inventory of HP LaserJet and Lexmark Laser Printers

We stock 30000+ printers for remanufacturing We have hundreds of today's most popular printers models ready-to-ship


Metrofuser is not a broker; nothing we build is outsourced.Highest quality control of - printer evaluation, tear-down, diagnostics, production, and painting.  All done in our combined 25,000 sq. ft. facilities in NJ.

Metrofuser offers a, six months on all printers, accessories and consumables. Extended warranties can be arranged should they be required.

In addition to our HP printers, Metrofuser offers:

  • New and Factory Re-certified printers

  • Maintenance Kits, Parts, and Accessories including duplex units, optional trays and paper feeders

  • Toner and consumables

Other Helpful Resources

Metrofuser is a leading global innovator, manufacturer of printer parts, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional users performing critical tasks. Products and services include hp printer parts, printers and printer repair training. Parts include hp printer parts such as printer fusers, printer maintenance kits and other hp printer replacement parts. 

The company's, customers include office equipment dealerships, online retailers, repair centers and MPS service providers nationwide. Metrofuser has been named to Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies five consecutive years. Contact us at 908-245-2100, Dial 0 for sales.


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