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Certified Remanufactured Printers by Metrofuser

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

The Certification Process

Pre Production

The remanufacturing begins with a Pre selection process that chooses cosmetically superior, low-page count printers in outstanding overall condition. Our certified technicians put these printers through a series of tests to help ensure reliability, quality and customer confidence prior to selection. The devices are now disassembled down to the frame.


Plastic covers take a trip to the powder coating booth for a fresh coat of our custom blended and color corrected paint. The inner and outer printer frame is cleaned and completely free of dust and toner. All printer foot pegs are inspected, cleaned or replaced. With the interior and exterior prep completed its now time to focus the mechanical and electrical components.

Metrofuser's printer part replacement program uses only OEM or NEXTENN brand replacement parts during the remanufacturing process.

  • New paper pickup rollers have are installed.

  • New separation pad(s) have been installed.

  • New transfer roller has been installed.

  • New printer swing plate has been installed were applicable.

  • New ADF maintenance kit is installed were applicable.

  • The old printer fuser is replaced with a fuser that has latest engineering upgrades.

  • Printer laser scanners are tested, inspected and cleaned.

  • New Tray 1 and Tray 2 solenoid padding to is installed prevent mis feeds.

Before and After LCD Screen Treatment Process

Over time and use office laser printers develop scratches. The scratches build up one on top of the other to and eventually reduce visibility, light pass through and cosmetic appearance of the LCD screen. Scratches on the plastic screen can be mildly annoying or seriously distracting. Metrofuser developed a process to resurface the LCD screen to like new condition.


We next move to the Control panel to complete at battery of functionality tests and reset the printer to factory defaults.

  • Maintenance count has been reset.

  • All I/O ports have been tested.

  • Event/Error log has been cleared.

  • Configuration page count has been reset.

  • Configuration page serial number matches cover serial number.

  • Firmware upgraded *

* Guaranteed Firmware Compatibility - Metrofuser installs the most current, proven and compatible toner friendly version of firmware.

Final 32 Point Printer Inspection.
Final 32 Point Printer Inspection.


The printer is moved into our quality department for a final 32 Point Inspection. Print tests are performed with a minimum of 100 sheets from each tray using BLI Certified paper.

Every part Metrofuser sells is tested live before it goes out the door. The testing department conducts comprehensive multi page, simplex and duplex image quality tests with toner. The inspection covers for toner density and print defects, and toner adhesion. 

The printer transfer rollers are secured in place for shipment with non adhesive removable blue tape. The sample test prints are included with printer and a each printer includes a power cord.

Finally the printer and each of its trays have biometric label and orange dot applied and the printer serial number is recorded in the the work order.

Machine has been given a final wipedown/polish with alcohol. The laser printer now earns the title Certified Remanufactured

Biometric label
Biometric label

Packaging and Order Fulfillment

The laser printer is packaged in a clear poly bag for dust and contaminate protection. The outer box is labeled with a bar coded serial number and fragile labels.

Metrofuser protects and supports its printer dealers with non branded owner’s manuals, collateral marketing and blind drop shipping. At the moment of the order is fulfilled the printer is scanned on the way out for quality and tracking.

MPSClass Printers
MPSClass Printers

Our MPSClass Printers are in stock and ship same day. Printers are equipped with scalable warranties (6-18-24 months) that offer dealers full control over cost points, expenses and profitability.

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