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TekSuite Mobile Support App

 Used by over 5000+ technicians in over 200 countries


Metrofuser introduced TekSuite printer service mobile support app.

TekSuite was built for professional printer service technicians that repair HP and Lexmark laser printers. Simple how to, step by step instructions built by industry veterans contain;


-An Error codes index that helps technicians troubleshoot issues.
-Detailed printer specs display printer information and accessories.
-Maintenance kit instructions with reset steps which help enable technicians to navigate through the complex printer control panels.

-Click to call for fast one on one help.
-Fuser ID photos which help  service organizations identify expensive cores.
-Troubleshoot and repair printers with the industry. only symptom to solution knowledge-base. 
-Visual chart of HP LaserJet print defects help identify problems visually and suggests on how to correct them.

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