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Take The HP Service Pro Challenge & Earn a HP Printer Service Certification Certification

Updated: 5 days ago

HP Printer Service Certification
HP Printer Service Certification

Laser printer parts manufacturer Metrofuser ( has launched a online Service Pro Challenge & Assessment Certification program.

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See Where You Rank

This free program allows service people to see how they compare with other HP printer technicians worldwide. In addition some companies are using the program to test printer technician job applicants and new hires. The test results are shared on a public leaderboard using first name last initial only.

Earn and Share HP Printer Service Certification Credentials

Sharable digital certificates will be awarded to users that receive 70% or better grades. These verifiable credentials can be shared on platforms such as Linkedin, Indeed, Field Nation, Guru, Workmarket, Upwork, Bark, Fiverr and more.

Questions were curated from the Metrofuser's 19-year history of providing HP printer service training and 60,000 technical support calls. The questions were further vetted by industry printer service veterans,. The Printer Service Pro Challenge tests skills in the following areas;

  • Error Code Familiarity

  • Image Defect Troubleshooting

  • Paper Jam Diagnostic Abilities

  • Printer Network Knowledge

  • Color Printer Understanding

  • Firmware Problem-Solving

  • Print Driver Fundamentals

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HP Printer Service Certification Worldwide Leaderboard

Average Time 9.2 m Average Score 73%

Ranking of some of the top-scoring HP laser printer technicians in the world.

100% Allen G, USA

100% Joe B, USA

96% Duvalier M

96% Mohammad M

96% Thomas C, USA

96% Brian S, USA

92% Vinod V, N/A

88% Fahad Tahmid, Bangladesh

88% Anne S, USA

88% Jon-Paul A, USA

88% Martin C, UK

88% Federico V. R, United Arab Emirates

88% Sotha S, USA

88% James D, USA

85% Bradley B, USA

85% Klement Chia, Brunei

85% Chris W, USA

85% Armi L, Albania

81% Kabi Lodwick R

81% Jeff W, USA

81% Richard W, USA

81% Carlos M, USA

77% Dan H, USA

77% Enock Z, USA

77% Ben M, G USA