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How to Replace a HP M4555 Maintenance Kit

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

This printer maintenance kit provides you with the most commonly used parts that wear. Replacing these worn parts will allow for maximum paper feed along with quality print performance


Models using this kit: M4555

Instruction Version: 01/27

Expected Duty Life: 225,000 pages

OEM Part Number: CE731A

Kit Contents:

1 Transfer Roller RM1-0699

8 Feed/Separation Rollers RM1-0037

1 Fusing Assembly RM1-7395

------------------ WARNING ------------------

Turn the printer off, unplug it, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before performing these maintenance procedures.

Transfer Roller Removal and Replacement

1. Open toner access door and tray 1

2. Remove toner cartridge

3. Lift the gear (Left side) of the transfer roller up using the blue hook included with the transfer roller.

4. Slide to the left and remove

5. Slide right side of roller into right bushing

6. Align left side collar making sure the open end is face down and push in

CAUTION: Do not touch the surface of the transfer roller. Contact with skin oils can cause print quality problems

Other Helpful Resources

Tray 1 pickup roller & separation Roller

1. Open tray 1

2. Open the cover to the left of the rollers, lift the tab on the separation roller, and then slide the roller off of the


3. Pull the envelope feeder cover straight out of the product to remove it. (Black bar with blue pull tab)

4. Remove one screw, push down tray 1 roller shaft bushing and slide it to the left to remove.

5. Slide tray 1 pickup and feed roller cover to the left and lift to remove. Remove the pickup and feed rollers and

install the new rollers.

6. To replace tray 1 separation roller open the roller access door grab the separation blue extension and slide to

the left to remove.

7. Remove the separation pad. Use a flat blade screw driver to pry the separation pad up and out of the printer.

8. Install in reverse order.

Tray 2 Feed, Pickup & Separation Roller Removal and Replacement

1. Remove the tray from the printer.

2. Locate the rollers in the top of the tray cavity. Pinch the tab on the pickup roller, feed roller, or separation roller to

release them. Then slide the roller off of the shaft.

3. Install the new rollers.

Fusing Assembly Removal and Replacement

1. Remove output bin, base assembly and duplexer accessory.

2. Remove the fuser-entrance guide.

3. Flex the rear hinge-pin located at the left of the fuser-entrance guide until it clears the mounting hole in frame.

4. Rotate the rear of the guide away of the printer and slide the guide to the left to release the front hinge-pin. Remove

the fuser-entrance guide.