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How To Reset The Maintenance Roller Kit On Lexmark MS810 MX810 MS811 MS811 MX710 MX812 MS812 More

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Lexmark MS81X Series Maintenance Roller Kit Reset

How To Reset The Maintenance Roller Kit On Lexmark MS810 MX810 MS811 MS811 MX710 MX812 MS812 More
How To Reset The Maintenance Roller Kit On Lexmark MS810 MX810 MS811 MS811 MX710 MX812 MS812 More

Resetting the Roller Kit counter

After replacing a roller kit, the roller kit counter must be reset to zero to clear the "81 Replace Roller kit" message. To reset the maintenance count perform the following procedure:

1. Turn off the printer.

2. Enter the Configuration Menu.

  • Press and hold the 2 and 6 buttons simultaneously.

  • Turn on the printer.

  • Release the buttons after 10 seconds. The Configuration Menu appears on the LCD.

3. Select Reset Roller Kit Counter from the Configuration Menu.

4. From the options displayed, select the roller kit to reset.

5. Select Yes to reset the roller kit counter value. Select No or Back to return to the previous menu. The roller kit count resets to zero, and the LCD returns to the Configuration Menu.

Also fits these models: Lexmark M5155 Lexmark M5163 Lexmark M5170 Lexmark MS810de Lexmark MS810dn Lexmark MS810dtn Lexmark MS811dn Lexmark MS811dtn Lexmark MS811n Lexmark MS812de Lexmark MS812dn Lexmark MS812dtn Lexmark MX710de Lexmark MX710dhe Lexmark MX711de Lexmark MX711dhe Lexmark MX711dthe Lexmark MX810de Lexmark MX810dfe Lexmark MX810dme Lexmark MX810dte Lexmark MX810dtfe Lexmark MX810dtme Lexmark MX810dxe Lexmark MX810dxfe Lexmark MX810dxme Lexmark MX811de Lexmark MX811dfe Lexmark MX811dme Lexmark MX811dte Lexmark MX811dtfe Lexmark MX811dxe Lexmark MX811dxfe Lexmark MX811dxme Lexmark MX812de Lexmark MX812dfe Lexmark MX812dme Lexmark MX812dte Lexmark MX812dtfe Lexmark MX812dtme Lexmark MX812dxe Lexmark MX812dxfe Lexmark MX812dxme Lexmark XM5163 Lexmark XM5170 Lexmark XM7155 Lexmark XM7155X Lexmark XM7163 Lexmark XM7163X Lexmark XM7170 Lexmark XM7170X

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