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60.2 Laser Printer Error Code Steps To Solve

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The 60.2 error code is a common fault on HP laser printers. This error can be quite persistent, even after power cycling the printer. It is found on many popular models including the following types;

  • 4200 4300 4250 4350

  • M601 M602 M603

  • M604 M605 M606

60.2 Laser Printer Error Code Steps To Solve
60.2 Laser Printer Error Code Steps To Solve

Problem or symptom

It means that tray 2 and its lift motor are not working. Do you hear thumping or banging sounds? This is also common for a 60.2 error.


To diagnose the 60.2 error code and solve the problem, follow these steps.

1. First, if you have not already done so, turn the printer off and then back on. If the 60.2 error still displays, turn the printer off again and leave off. Verify that the tray 2 lifter wire-harness is fully seated in the DC controller PCA (location J93).

2. Remove the hp laser printer paper cassette. 3. Check the gear on the right side of the cassette. Try to move the large quarter gear and check that the tray lifts to the top. If this mechanism works fine, go to step 4.

4. Power on the HP laser printer and activate the paper tray’s size sensors and check to see if the lifter gear rotates. If it does not rotate and/or makes unusual noises, you will need to replace the lifter-driver assembly and possible motor.

5. If it does rotate while pressing the size sensors, press the paper presence flag to see if it stops. If it does not stop, you will need to inspect the sensors.

6. If the 60.2 error code still persists, you will need to replace the DC controller PCA.


(Use these symptoms to troubleshoot problem) 60.X Error (X indicating which tray – 2, 3, or 4.) – Indicates tray lift error followed by one of the following symptoms - 1. A loud clunking or banging noise – from offending tray area. Usually when a significant quantity of paper is loaded (more than 400). 2. Clicking noise after tray installation – motor spins, but the paper level indicator is not moving. Banging will continue for 12 seconds, then it will display the error. The symptom is usually intermittent and may not occur with only a small amount of paper loaded and will produce 60.X Error 3. The loud banging sound occurs when the tray is installed, followed by the paper indicator moving to the full position regardless of the amount of paper in the tray. Accompanied by 13.X or 60.X Error. 4. Lift motor does not rotate; no lift occurs followed by 60.X Error.

Problem: Tray Design Problem Occurs with more than 400-sheets of paper loaded in the paper tray, and tray lifts up in the rear (due to load becoming to large for the tray to lift). It causes skipping of gears, thumping or clunking noise, and 60.X Error. Install a new paper tray - 4250 version. It has 3 ribs on the right side of the tray rails to eliminate this problem.

Pick-up Assembly Loose The pick-up assembly is missing the bushing, gear, or both, which causes the assembly to be loose.

Tray Lift Motor Mount Defect The motor gear does not engage the tray gear, preventing tray from lifting and causing subsequent 60.X Error. This is caused by a bent metal mount that attaches the plastic part that secures the tray lift motor to the chassis. Sometimes this metal is bent (it should be 90° from frame). It will be worse when there is a lot of paper in the tray, and may work fine with small amounts of paper.

Bad Lift Motor Lift motor failure causing no lift of paper in the tray.

Resolution: Symptom #1 – Replace paper tray with a new type. There are ribs that have been added to the tray on the right side guide to decrease tray motion (reduces tray motion when 400 pages or more have been loaded). In addition, the Gear has been raised to improve contact between the tray and the lift drive gears (raised by about .3mm).

Symptom #2 - Remove paper tray and try to move the lift drive assembly side to side, while still in the printer. If it slides back and forth check the motor mount. It should be at a 90° angle and may need to be bent to be corrected. Lift drive assembly will have to be removed to perform this repair.

Symptom #3 – Pull tray feed shaft to the left. If it falls out of place there is a missing/broken bushing and/or gear on the paper pickup-drive assembly. In addition, the feed shaft bushing and 18-T gear will need to be replaced. If the shaft does not fall out of position, then proceed to next step.

Symptom #4 – Lift Drive Asm Failure. Replace assembly.

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