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5 Benefits of Printer Service Training And Top FAQ

5 Benefits of Printer Service Training And Top FAQs

Having an untrained employee at any position in your company can be a scary thought. Elite companies have already awoken to the fact that their people are in fact their biggest competitive advantage. This has led to more emphasis being placed internally on effective recruiting, ongoing employee education and something HR people call “talent management”.

5 Benefits of Printer Service Training And Top FAQ
5 Benefits of Printer Service Training And Top FAQ

“If you think it’s expensive to train a technician, wait until you pay for the mistakes of an amateur.”

Learn More About Printer Repair Training:

Effective technical training programs are designed to ensure your printer service technicians are knowledgeable, efficient and cost-effective in the field. In most cases, a trained tech should be able to avoid common guesswork when servicing printers allowing them to save you and your customers time and money.

Here are five things trained printer technicians can do better to drive bottom-line benefits:

  • Diagnose printer issues quicker and more accurately. 

  • Shorten laser printer service call times to achieve more calls per day.

  • Save on printer part costs with the appropriate parts ordered – only when needed.

  • Fewer callbacks or repeat service calls to resolve the original issue.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention of recurring revenue.

There’s an old saying “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”. That’s is so true, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to untrained service people that may be spending hours in a customer’s office trying to figure out how to correct a problem and then ordering hundreds of dollars in printer parts that may not be needed. Can you relate? 

Perhaps now is the time to rethink your service training strategy for A4 devices within your Managed Print program or for your T&M customers. Whether you provide access to online service training courses or you send your technicians to attend a hands-on training class, chances are your ROI on service training could surpass your training investments elsewhere in your organization. Often service technicians stay with an organization for several years so the investment tends to have long term benefits.   

Ask us about our online and live service training programs to get an idea of what you can do with your people and your bottom line.

Printer Repair Training FAQs

What printer training formats are available?

 • Scheduled instructor-led classes at multiple locations around the country

Do you have a train the trainer program?

 • Yes please inquire.

What kind of instructor-led classes do you offer?

  • Standard classes are designed for newer techs with less than 3 years experience in the field and IT-specific roles   • Advanced Level classes slated toward seasoned techs and with more than 3 years experience in the field 

How do I sign up printer technicians for instructor-led classes?

 • Contact Printer Service Training Support at 908-245-2100

Do these classes make my techs HP or Lexmark certified?

 • No, Our Training is third party training and so is our certification.

How can I get HP certified printer technicians?

  • This is a two-step process beginning with your company becoming HP authorized to resell product first. To become authorized, go to, click on the Resources link followed by Partners and Developers.

  • Once your company is able to resell the product, you can then get your service techs trained on the HP secure website, or send them to HP school. 

Instructor-Led Printer Repair Training Classes FAQs

Where are your training locations?

 • Currently, we have three training locations         - Dallas, TX         - Elizabeth, NJ         - Santa Ana, CA 

Do you have suggested hotels where I can stay while at printer service training?

 • Yes, students will be sent a welcome email with the hotel and other info needed for training. Visit the bottom of our printer repair training event web page

Do I need to bring printer service tools?

 • We will supply tools for the training, however, you're welcome to bring your tools if you would like

Do I need printer service manuals?

 • No, we will provide manuals.

What do I bring to class?

 • Yourself, ready to learn. We’ll supply the rest

Are meals supplied during class?

  • Coffee and snacks are provided at the training   • Meals are on your own

What do I need to prepare before the printer training class?

  • Some classes have online prerequisites, it's best if you can take the prerequisites a week or so before class so the information is fresh when you get to class   • Other printer training classes require a prior class such as taking a monochrome class before taking color. However, classes are taken from other companies or OEMs often meet the requirements   • Please see the Printer Service Course Descriptions

What time does the class start? When does it end?

  • Class begins at 9 AM sharp   • We take short breaks in the morning and afternoon   • Typically, one hour lunch on your own   • We normally go until 5 PM but may get out earlier or later depending upon the student’s speed of learning. Technically, we’re done when class is completed. Students are here to learn, we’re here to teach.

How should my techs dress for class?

 • We request business casual attire

Do you have descriptions of the courses and their prices?

Where can I find the most recent printer training schedule?

Onsite Printer Repair Training FAQs

What are the minimum requirements to send a printer service trainer to my location?

  • We request 5 – 6 students minimum to hold training at your facility   • We would need to know if we need to supply the training printers or if you would

What if we don't have the 5 – 6 student minimum requirement for training?

  • We might be able to split up training and do two sets of smaller groups over a full week depending on the courses. Best to call the Director of Printer Training to discuss   • Option two is to send your techs to our training locations.

What tools do I need?

  • Tools are also required for the maintenance kit and tear down portion. You should be able to do most all of the training on the printers using these tools:

        - #2 Phillips Screwdriver         - #1 Phillips Screwdriver         - Needle Nose Pliers         - Push/Pull Spring Hook         - Flash Light         - ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) kit

What if I don't have a printer or MFP -- can we rent or buy printers?

Yes please inquire about costs associated with printers for training classes

Where can I find a listing of the courses you offer and cost?

Other Helpful Laser Printer Service Resources

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