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HP M652 M653 M681 M682  Maintenance Kit

What is a Maintenance Kit? 

Worn roller padding, paper dust, and abrasive toner can reduce print quality and cause paper jams as well as premature wearing on gears. The Preventive Maintenance Kit contains the parts recommended by the OEM that should be changed periodically to prevent downtime of the printer. 

How much is M652 M653 M681 M682 E67650 E67560z E65050dn E65060dn E67550dh Maintenace Kit Fuser


The Standard M652 M653 M681 M682 Maintenance Kit Contains:

  • 1 Fusing Assembly: RM2-1928



UPC Code: 888182486993

Weight 4 lbs

Power 110 volt

Availability: In Stock

Supports Factory Warranty: Yes

Maintenance Kit Manufacturer Part Numbers

  • P1B91A

  • RM2-1928-000CN 

  • HP P1B91A

  • RM2-1928

For Use in the Following Printer Models

  • Color LaserJet Enterprise M652, M652n, M652dn

  • Color LaserJet Enterprise M653, M653x, M653dh, M653dn 

  • Color LaserJet Enterprise MFP M681, M681f, M681dh, M681z 

  • Color LaserJet Enterprise MFP M682, M682z   

When Should a Maintenance Kit Be Replaced?

On the HP M652 M653 M681 M682 Laser Printers, the OEM recommends replacing the maintenance kit every 150,000 pages or as needed. 


What Are The Different Types Of Maintenance Kits?

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (Highest PriceHighest Quality) comes from the original equipment manufacturer. It may or may now be new.

  • Equivalent To New - (Competitive Price - Excellent Quality) Comes from a reputable manufacturer that uses the OEM core and replaces worn components. Like new!

  • Aftermarket- (Moderate Price - Moderate Quality) Comes from Asian sources, It may or may now be new.


More Options

  • With OEM rollers- The rollers in the maintenance kit are OEM original equipment manufacturer. (Highest PriceHighest Quality)

  • With Aftermarket Rollers- The rollers in the maintenance kit are from an  Asian importer. (Competitive Price - Excellent Quality) 

Installation and Replacement Instructions


------------- WARNING: Printer Parts May Be Hot -------------
Turn the printer off, unplug it, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before

performing these maintenance procedures. Removing or replacing parts when the printer is turned on will harm the device irrevocably. 

M652 M653 M681 M682 Maintenance Kit Transfer Roller Removal and Replacement

  1. Open the toner access door and remove the toner cartridge.

  2. Use the included puller tool to lift the left side (blue gear side) of the transfer roller.

  3. Slide the transfer roller to the left and remove it from the printer.

  4. Slide the right side of the replacement transfer roller into the right side bushing.

  5. Align left side collar making sure the open end is face down and push down to lock it in place.

CAUTION: Do not touch the surface of the transfer roller. Contact with skin can cause print quality problems.

Other Helpful Resources


M652 M653 M681 M682 Maintenance Kit Tray 2 Pickup and Feed/Separation Roller Removal and Replacement

1. Remove the paper tray from the printer.
2. On the tray, lift the roller cover next to the pickup roller.
3. Pinch the pickup roller’s blue tab and slide it to the left and off the shaft.
4. Slide new pickup roller onto the shaft, making sure its blue tab locks it into place.
5. Locate the pickup and feed/separation rollers at the top of the tray cavity.
6. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
NOTE: The removal and replacement process are the same for the tray 3 - 6 pickup and feed/separation rollers.

M652 M653 M681 M682 Maintenance Kit Fusing Assembly Removal and Replacement

1. Open the rear output bin/face up tray and remove it from the printer.
a.) Locate the left side hinge pin (there is a finger notch) push the left hinge pin to the right to
release it from its mounting hole.

2. Pinch the blue tabs on the fuser and pull it out of the printer.
3. Push the new fuser into the printer making sure both blue tabs lock the fuser in place.
4. Reinstall the rear output bin/face up tray and check for proper operation.


M652 M653 M681 M682 Maintenance Kit Resetting the Maintenance Count

Metrofuser Release's Industry-First Resettable Fusers for LaserJet Enterprise And Managed Devices

Frequently Ask Questions FAQ

What is Advance Exchange?

Advance Exchange is when you order the part or kit with the promise of returning the non-functional part from the machine as your replacement core. The benefit you get a great discount and you help the environment.

What does an M652 M653 M681 M682 fuser do?

The fuser is one of the primary imaging components inside of laser printers. The fuser is a Teflon coated roller or film that heats up to a specified temperature. Using specific pressure from a roller and heat it bonds the toner from the drum and toner cartridge onto your sheet of paper.

I Don't Want To Install This Maintenance Kit. Can I Hire Someone Do it for me?

National Printer Service Dealer Network

More Troubleshooting Help

Solving Noise Issues After Replacing The New Fuser

Be certain that both sides of the fuser are firmly locked into the printer. Listen for the two locks to snap in when you install it. If the fuser is not secured, the printer may display a “50.3 FUSER ERROR” message or you may hear a grinding noise. In either of these cases, remove the fuser and reinstall it making sure that both sides are locked in place.

Helpful Resources

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