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Research & Development

New products and technologies present new opportunities and often, these new opportunities present a new set of challenges. Our R&D staff is prepared to meet these challenges. Through reverse engineering, Metrofuser’s R&D technicians make breakthroughs in service options and quality every day. Our commitment to excellence begins with our Research and Development team. This well-rounded team of engineers culled from four unique technical disciplines source parts, troubleshoot, test, recognize and solve the challenges technicians and distributors experience.


Latest, Most Profitable Models

We understand your needs for new and profitable models that continually enter the marketplace. That is why our engineers focus on the latest OEM part designs, specifications and technologies. We bring the newest parts to market fast so you have access to a low-cost, rock-solid alternative to parts often backordered or unavailable from the manufacturer or distributors.


Improving the Original Designs and Production Process

Metrofuser leads with innovation. We identify Original Equipment weak points and invest in solutions to eliminate these failures. Our engineers develop new technologies and custom equipment to automate our manufacturing process. Over the years, these developments have improved the parts we make over and above the level of quality of the OEM part they replace. Here are a few of our innovations:


  • To address an influx of arcing ceramic heater elements, our engineers have developed a process that virtually eliminates the incidence of this catastrophic failure in fusers utilizing Instant-On Technology.

  • We’ve teamed up with a leading manufacturer of industrial chemicals to secure a proprietary formulation of synthetic lubricant for use exclusively in our fuser bearings.

  • Metrofuser stands alone in boasting a resolution to the industry-wide plague of HP 4200 fusers whose sleeves rip and fail prematurely.


Explore New Business Opportunities

Our expertise is in printing technologies and we welcome your repair inquiries. Whether it’s bar code or point of sale, inkjet or laser, dot matrix or dye-sub, whole unit or sub-assembly, we’re ready to provide you with best service available. Our specialty is in servicing the parts everybody else says ‘we don’t repair that’.


State of the Art Testing and Troubleshooting Lab

Fluency in the newest technologies requires we equip our lab and technicians with the most current testing and troubleshooting equipment. As technologies advance, the same old methods of electronic troubleshooting no longer apply. Our certified technicians are well versed in current and upcoming technologies and are on the cutting edge of utilizing and developing new and alternative troubleshooting methodologies. Our partnerships with key electronic component suppliers guarantee no PCB ends up Non-Repairable due to unavailability of proprietary or hard to find components.

Current Portfolio;

  • AntiTear™ Technolgy

  • SIG™ Contact Finishing

  • ZeroSet Technology

  • Saber™ Harnesses Technology

  • Flash-It™ Transfer Kits Reset Tool

  • GenWare™ Firmware Optimization

  • Aretium™ Polymer Adhesives

  • Quadriga™ Thermobaric Coatings

  • Terminal Testing™

  • Continuity Coatings™

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