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For Service Professionals 

  • Professional Grade Parts

  • Printer Repair Training & Certification 

  • Trusted Service Advisers

  • Hard to Find Parts

  • Parts Identification Services

  • Printer Service How To Videos

  • 7000+ Learning Assets

  • US Based Tech Support

For Resellers

  • Ecommerce Ready Solutions

  • Same Day, Blind Drop Shipping

  • East / West Shipping Points

  • Like New Condition

  • Innovative Branded Packaging

  • Category Management Services

  • Latest Most Profitable Models

  • Co-Branded Technical Support

Metrofuser is a leading provider of printer parts and services for laser printers, including fusers, maintenance kits, and other printer accessories. Founded in 2003, Metrofuser has built a reputation for providing high-quality, reliable products and exceptional customer service to businesses and individuals around the world.

One of Metrofuser's primary offerings is its line of refurbished fusers, which are rebuilt to OEM standards using high-quality parts and components. Refurbished fusers are a cost-effective alternative to buying new fusers, and can help businesses save money while still maintaining high-quality printing performance.



More About Us

​2nd Sourcing - Genuine and Compatible New Parts
Our independence means we can shop the world for OEM parts taking advantage of currency arbitrage and discounts in various world markets. We have relationships in Europe, Japan, and Latin America.  We are not restricted from buying or offering opportunity buys from the world stage.  

Increasingly, alternative OEM sources offer better value and availability compared to legacy authorized channels.  Alternative sourced parts could come from non-US markets, de-manufacturing new printers or direct from the factory. Parts may be packaged in OEM or generic packaging. Alternative OEM parts option gives you a strategic advantage over your competition procuring in the legacy market. 

NextGen Manufacturing Evolution
We believe manufacturing is not only an eco-friendly alternative, but it is also a chance for the part to evolve from its original state. At Metrofuser each repair generation is an evolution to greater quality - a continuous improvement from the original factory model. From implementing engineering upgrades and component-level redesigns all the way through to process engineering efficiencies, evolution and innovation never stops at Metrofuser.

Made In America- TAA Compliant

TAA refers to the Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. & 2501-2581), which is intended to foster fair and open international trade. TAA requires that the U.S. Government may acquire only “U.S. – made or designated country end products. All of our manufactured parts and printers are made / substantially transformed in America in our New Jersey technology center. 

Private Products

We offer products available only to Metrofuser customers. Items include;

  • Flash-It transfer belt pages reset count devices and technology

  • Specialty paint coatings

  • ZeroSet fuser page reset technology

  • AntiTear technology

  • GenWare Firmware

  • Thermobaric coatings

Printer Advisory Services

Speak with a Level III HP and Lexmark Laser Printer Support Specialist. Live phone support with a veteran printer technician. We offer a wide range of printer support services including needs assessment, MPS help desk monitoring, video-based and phone technical support. Our cost-effective solutions are focused on mitigating risk and can be customized to meet your unique needs, wherever you do business. Learn more

TekSuite - "Results Driven Learning"

Metrofuser has authored more than 7000 learning assets and published it for free online in a support platform is called TekSuite. It offers simple how-to, step by step printer support instructions built by industry veterans. The online resources help educate technicians on legacy models as well as the latest laser imaging technologies. Utilized by over 330,000 users from every country on the planet. Learn More

Active Technical Community
We have relationships with a vibrant technical community of authorized and independent service organizations nationwide. Metrofuser maintains one of the largest networks on imaging service specialists in the United States.

Learn More about

Laser Printer Parts

1-2 Day Ground Delivery to 80% of the Largest Metropolitan Areas
We have established a network of strategically located distribution centers nationwide. Our electronically linked network provides 1-2 day ground to 80% of the largest US metropolitan areas. With Metrofuser you can give your customer the ultimate in service and delivery without having to invest in stocking and warehousing. Local customers can enjoy a convenient order pick-up service.


 Awards And Accolades

  • 2022 Top Research Centers

  • 2021 Top 20 Recycling Waste Companies

  • 2019 Top 250 Privately Held Companies

  • 2018 N.J. Top Warehouse and Distribution Center

  • 2017 Top 250 Privately Held Companies

  • 2016 Top Research Centers

  • 2015 Top 20 Recycling Waste Companies

  • 2015 NJBIZ Top NJ Manufacturing Companies

  • 2015 Top Research Centers

  • 2014 Top 20 Recycling Waste Companies

  • 2013 NJBIZ Top NJ Manufacturing Companies

  • 2013 Top Research Centers

  • 2013 Reached 2 Million Pounds of Material Recycled

  • 2012 Top NJ Manufacturing Companies

  • 2012 Top 20 Recycling Waste Companies

  • 2011 New York Small Business Award Finalist

  • 2011 Recharger Magazine Readers Choice Awards

  • 2010 Green Leadership Awards

  • 2010 Top 20 Recycling Waste Companies

  • 2010 MPS Leadership Awards

  • 5-Time Honoree- Inc. Magazine 5000


Proven Performance With Multiple Toner Brands

While conventional fusers are tested and benchmarked against a single OEM or a single brand of toner, Metrofuser's HV fusers are tested with multiple toner brands. Extensive A/B testing with imported and domestic aftermarket toner shows that HV Fusers are more tolerant of the variances of modern toner and offer better print. HV Fusers even rival the image quality of the OEM fusers using aftermarket toner.

Integrated Engineering Initiative As one of the only Integrated Parts and Printer manufactures in the United States, Metrofuser gains knowledge and insight that forces quality advancements well beyond what stand-alone parts or Printer manufacturer can offer. We know first hand because we used to be one.

Depth of Product Line

Metrofuser stocks whole unit printers to help customers locate hard to find parts. Metrofuser offers parts that have no part number and not listed in service manuals. These parts are available to Premier customers only.


With over 20+ years of experience, Metrofuser is the company behind leading organizations.


  • Wells Fargo

  • Boeing


  • Sloan-Kettering

  • Clorox

  • Raytheon

  • General Motors

  • Goldman Sachs 

  • VISA

  • Price Waterhouse Coopers

  • ExxonMobil

  • Aetna Life Insurance

  • Bank Of New York

  • NIKE

  • Siemens

  • Lockheed Martin

Leadership Metrofuser's management council has a  combined industry experience of 20+ years. Metrofuser has combined some of the best talents in the industry. and reinvented a company that truly delivers.

CoreBank IT!
Metrofuser systems can identify, itemize, inventory, report and manage your core inventory while you maintain control on how to utilize it. Metrofuser offers a number of unique options.

Innovative Branded Packaging

While inspiring confidence in technicians ProPack branded packing offers a vital competitive advantage to resellers that are selling in a market filled with traditional brown boxed packaging.  Non-descriptive artwork promises to maintain anonymity for the installer and resellers while communicating greater equity.  Improved box size and orientation optimize shelf space while reducing dimensional freight costs.

We Are All About One-To-One Relationships

We assign a dedicated account representative to act as your advocate, ensuring that you have someone from our team on your team.

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NEXTGEN refurbished printers.
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What Printer Service Professionals Are Saying

Printer Service Company, Purchasing Manager


It is truly rare that one can find customer service on the level that I received. Prompt call backs, straight talk, and honesty are the keys to my business and Todd has proven time and time again that he shares those values. I would also like to mention how everyone at Metrofuser has proven to me the ability to truly understand the difference between third party and OEM parts. It is such a time saver to be able, on any given part, to specify OEM or third party parts and not have to check it when they arrive. Keep up the great work.

Printer Service Company, Service Manager


 I have used your competitors in Georgia and Wisconsin and so far you are the best! You keep making me look good.

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