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Why Companies Are Switching To Metrofuser

Independent Parts Distributor IPD

Metrofuser is independently owned, and not subject to the influences and authority of OEMs or corporate boards and private equity groups.  WE are the sole guardians of our processes, our relationships and, most importantly, our strategy.  We are able to act quickly and decisively to meet the needs of our customers and stay nimble to adapt to the needs our industry.  Consider the following;

Your Customer Data Is Confidential

Can you possibly be putting your data and your customer information at risk when you buy from a distributor who is not independent?  Metrofuser was founded on the motto “Always partnering, never competing.”  We stand by that philosophy today, but as our industry becomes increasingly competitive and sometimes cutthroat, maintaining the privacy and security of your most valuable information has to become a consideration.  Metrofuser is not required to submit reports to OEMs or divulge information about where we drop ship our products.  We can serve as a firewall between dealers and potential competitors.  As the industry consolidates, vendors with OEM authorizations not aligned with their dealers can become a liability and a threat.

Aligned Strategic Interests

Ask yourself these questions:​

1.      Are our vendor's interests aligned or at the very least non-infringing with our company’s strategic goals and relationships?

2.      Could our parts vendor be competing with us through their tacit connections at a private equity group?

3.      How much of a threat is our parts vendors OEM authorizations?

​Worldwide Sourcing
Our independence means we can shop the world for OEM parts taking advantage of currency arbitrage and discounts in various world markets. We have relationships in Europe, Japan and Latin America.  We are not restricted from buying or offering  opportunity buys from the world stage. 

Alternative Sources

Increasingly, alternative OEM sources are a better value and availability compared to legacy authorized  channel.  Alternative sourced parts could come from non US markets, de-manufacturing new printers or direct from the factory. Parts may be packaged in OEM or generic packaging. Alternative OEM parts option gives you a strategic advantage over your competition procuring in the legacy market. 

Industry Credentials

Metrofuser rewards its dealers with powerful business development tools. Evidence-based certifications and awards are essential for supercharging employee morale, salespeople's motivation and customer brand awareness. We developed a program that will communicate loudly the strengths and abilities of our partners.  Most of our dealers do not have the opportunity, bandwidth or structure to dedicate the resources to obtain these credentials. Our goal is to give our dealers the best chance to succeed in an increasingly competitive and shrinking market. Learn More

​You’re not switching parts vendor. You’re signing on as a strategic partner and becoming part of a community that will protect you and help you succeed.  Contact Will DeMuth to learn how we can help.

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