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HP M402n, M403n Laser Printer Service Review

HP M402, M403 Printer Reviews

Symptom To Solution Review

Image Defects
Paper Jam and Feed
Wrinkled Pages
Creases pages 
Wont Power Up- Dead
No display on screen 
No Eio Page  
Toner build up 
Text Error Messages
Rip Sleeve 
Error Codes 1-20
Error Codes 21-40
Error Codes 41-49
Error Codes 51-59 
Error Code 50.XX 
Error Codes 60-83
Misc Issues

Top Ranking Replacement Printer Parts

M402d/M402n/M402dn/M403d/M403n/M403dn Control-panel   RM2-5391-000CN
M402dw/M403dw Control-panel    RM2-5424-000CN
Laser  scanner         RM2-5528-000CN
High volt power supply (HVPS)       RM2-7508-000CN
DC controller          RM2-8680-000CN
Fan, FM1          RK2-8068-000CN
M426/M427 Low volt power supply (LVPS)        RM2-8518-000CN
M402/M403 Low-volt power supply (LVPS)       RM2-8517-000CN
Tray 2 cassette       RM2-5392-000CN
Roller, separation assembly    RM2-5397-000CN
Fuser   RM2-5399-000CN
Transfer roller    RM1-4023-000CN
Roller, paper pickup assembly     RM2-5452-000CN
Tray 1 pickup roller       RL2-0656-000CN
Tray 1 separation pad       RL2-0657-000CN
Registration assy    RM2-5671-000CN
Optional 550 sheet feeder     C5F97–69001  
Tray 3 cassette        RM2-5413-000CN
Tray 3 pickup roller      RM2-5741-000CN
Tray 3 separation pad        RM2-5745-000CN
M426/M427 ADF/Flatbed Scanner, Simplex      C5F98-60109
M426/M427 ADF/Flatbed Scanner, Duplex        C5F98-60110
ADF separation pad        B3Q10-40080
ADF pickup roller          B3Q10-60105

Authored By Will DeMuth
Word Count 1123
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