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HP CP3525n, M551n, M575n, M570n Laser Printer Parts

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HP M551 Top Replacement Parts List

Fits these models:

  • HP Color LaserJet CM3530

  • HP Color LaserJet CM3530fs

  • HP Color LaserJet CP3525dn

  • HP Color LaserJet CP3525n

  • HP Color LaserJet CP3525x

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color M551dn

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color M551n

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color M551xh

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color MFP M575dn

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color MFP M575f

  • HP LaserJet Pro 500 Color MFP M570dn


CC519-67901, CC519-67919, CF081-67905, CD644-67906

CP3525n, M551n, M575n, M570n  Fuser RM1-4955

CP3525n, M551n, M575n, M570n Maintenance Kit CE484A

Hard drive   CF083-67901-RE

Toner collection unit/bottle     CC468-67910-RE

Pick/feed and separation roller kit (Tray 1/2)    CF081-67903

Tray 3 pick/feed/separation roller kit   CF081-67913

Transfer kit   CF081-67904-RE/CE

Fuser    CF081-67905-RE

Secondary transfer roller kit   CF081-67907

Laser scanner   CC468-67917-RO

Main drive assembly     CF081-67910-RO

Formatter     CF081-69001-RE

Operation/Control panel   RM1-8096-RO

Right-door assembly (simplex)    RM1-8167-RE

Right-door assembly (duplex)   RM1-8123-RE

Paper delivery assembly (simplex)  RM1-5003-RO

Paper delivery assembly (duplex)    RM1-4970-RO

Registration assembly (simplex)     RM1-5009-RE

Registration assembly (duplex)    RM1-4969-RE

Pick up lower guide   RM1-8132-RO

Density detect assembly     RM1-8163-RO

Fuser drive assembly (simplex)     RM1-8169-RO

Fuser  drive assembly (duplex)     RM1-8134-RO

Lifter     RM1-8136-RO

500 Sheet Tray 2 Cassette      RM1-8125-RE

Paper pickup assembly (simplex)    RM1-8168-RE

Paper pickup assembly (duplex)    RM1-8124-RE

Lower HVPS-D       RM1-8087-RE

Upper HVPS-T (simplex)    RM1-8089-RE

Upper HVPS-T (duplex)    RM1-8088-RE

DC controller     RM1-8104-RE

Low-voltage power supply   RM1-8091-RE

Optional 500 sheet feeder kit  CF084-67901

Paper pickup assembly     RM1-5919-RE

Cassette assembly (Tray 3)    RM1-6198-RE

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