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The Enterprise Reusability Solution

How PrintCycle Is Different

Our R2 ready support programs recycle through Remanufacturing. Metrofuser proactively collects and even purchases defective electronics and their components. Metrofuser feeds many of these assets into a comprehensive remanufacturing program, where they are rebuilt to a “like-new” state and remarketed on whole or as sub assemblies. PrintCycle offers options for companies that have restrictions on remarketing the printer and data destruction as well.


Our business model is designed around acquiring these assets which are otherwise destined for landfills. Metrofuser carefully remanufactures them to reintroduce the newly remanufactured device into the office IT ecosystem. These components can be reused and reintroduced back into the ecosystem up to a half-dozen times. The residual effect of that alone significantly reduces the amount of electronic office equipment waste filling our landfills daily. 


Printer Reuse through Remanufacturing (RTR)

No other method of recycling offers a bigger impact on the environment. Diverting E-waste to a RTR program like PrintCylce is a force multiplier to recycling programs. Remanufacturing prevents IT assets from going to landfills at the same time reducing the demand for new ones. Take comfort in knowing that Metrofuser will reuse your unwanted Fax Machines, Office Printers or Copier safely. Metrofuser “Recycles the Best Way” and provides the peace of mind that your equipment is disposed of properly. PrintCycle maintains a policy that no equipment processed at our facility will end up in a landfill. All materials will go back into the production stream as raw materials, whole unit or a sub assembly. 


Eliminate Processing Fees and Earn Incremental Revenue

Just about all E-Waste processor companies charge .11-.40 per pound fee to remove printer assets. For example, at .25 per pound it could cost a organization recycling 5000 pounds of printers $1250.00 to process the assets through an R2 Facility. PrintCycle has no fees. In fact, many of our clients earn incremental revenue for the value of the units that are collected.  We have been working with our New Jersey Partners since 2003 and have saved fortune 500 companies thousands in hall fees while recycling 3 million pounds of printers since our inception.


Co-Marketing and Promotional Programs

Make disposing of these assts work harder for you. Large scale donations (5000lbs+) are awarded a certification. 


The PrintCycle Program Environmental Process;

1. Government and Public and Private companies refresh their printer technology.

2. Asset Recovered

3. Sorted

  • Class A Condition- Reman and Remarketed 100% of the printer gets a second life.

  • Class B Condition- Demanufactured for Parts which get remaned and remarketed.


4. The remaining anxillary materials are segregated and processed through a R2 partner.

  • Lite Iron 

  • Plastics

  • Circuit boards

  • Wire

  • Etc


Metrofuser participates in the EPA's WasteWise program.

maintenance kit
In a recent case study PrintCycle helped a local R2 Company divert 70% of their laser printers from recycing to reusability

The waste management hierarchy is a nationally and internationally accepted guide for prioritising waste management practices with the objective of achieving optimal environmental outcomes. 


Higher Up the Hierarchy

The further activity moves up the waste management hierarchy, the more greenhouse gains there are to be made. Reuse requires less energy than recycling.

Services Include;

  • Nationwide Onsite Packaging, Removal & Transporting

  • Detailed Asset Inventory Reporting

  • Compliant Data Destruction

  • Asset Recovery, Remarketing, Redeployment, Reuse

  • Closed Loop Recycling, Raw Material Recovery & Reclamation

  • Environmental Initiatives


Solutions For;

  • Leasing Companies

  • Reclamation Centers

  • Business: Small-Medium Enterprise

  • Original Equipment Manufactures

  • Municipalities

  • R2 Certified Companies

  • E-Steward Certified Companies

  • E-Waste Management Companies


Assets We Reclaim;

  • HP Laser Printers

  • Lexmark Printers

  • HP Fax Machines

  • Multi Function Printers

  • HP Copiers

  • HP and Lexmark Fusers

  • HP and Lexmark Maintenance Kits

  • HP Transfer Belts

  • Printed Circiut Boards



Our Confidential Data Destruction Program Goes Beyond Industry Standards

  • Hard Drives Sanitizing

  • Fax Numbers Purged

  • Memory Erased

  • Latent Ghost Images Cleared


Urban Renewal

Metrofuser’s technology center is headquartered within Roselle, New Jersey a (UEZ) Urban Economic Zone. Through commerce, the company, its vendors and customers make a direct impact into one of the fastest recovering communities in the state

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