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The Advance Exchange Program allows shipment of a product in advance of receiving your used non-working product to provide customers with their orders as soon as possible. By purchasing advance exchange you agree to the following.

1. You have 30 days from the invoice date to return your non-working product core(s) to Metrofuser. Product returns must be:

  • a. Repairable

  • b. Have a valid RMA# clearly marked on all boxes Please use labels that we provide.

  • c. Be the exact equivalent of part(s) that was shipped to you

2. If the core(s) is not received during the 30 days allotted, you will be sent a core invoice for the difference between the advance exchange price and the market price of the part(s).
3. You have an additional 10 business days from the core invoice to:

  • a. Return non-working part(s)

  • b. Remit payment of core invoice.

  • c. Send valid tracking information to Metrofuser that states when product was shipped back to us.

If one of the three above is not received within these 10 business days your credit card will be charged. You will receive an invoice clearly marked “Paid by Credit Card”.
4. This agreement must be renewed with a new form upon expiration of your credit card.

By purchasing on advance exchange you agree to participate in the advance exchange program.

(Please note: By not supplying a credit card you may be restricted from ordering advance exchange parts.)

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