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The Importance of ETN (Equivalent-to-New) Printer Parts

ETN (Equivalent-to-New) Printer Parts

Business printing is critical for communications and information sharing. Laser printers are one of the fastest, most inexpensive,feature-rich and mobile methods of sharing information. When an office printer goes down it could effect a company's ability to do conduct business.

ETN (Equivalent-to-New) Printer Parts
ETN (Equivalent-to-New) Printer Parts

How are Equivalent To New Parts (ETN) Used in the Office Equipment Industry

ETN parts begin with the process of collecting used printer parts.  The parts are disassembled, cleaned and the worn sub-components are replaced. The part is inspected, tested and repackaged. Finally, the part is marketed and used to in the field service industry to repair a printer or multifunction device. Types of HP parts that ETN are Fusers, Circuit Boards, Covers, Paper Pickup, Paper Output Assemblies, Transfer Belts and even the printer itself.

The following .pdf document goes into detail of the ETN process for a HP P4014, P4015, P4515 Fuser assembly. A Look into P4015 Fuser

Why Do Service Companies and Users Purchase ETN Parts?

  • Cost Savings- ETN printer parts can save buyers 20%-60% when compared to alternatives.

  • Improved Availability of Parts- Many times, Field Replacement Units or FRUs are not readily available in the market the device was sold for many reasons. ETN HP parts have historically improved the availability of printer parts.

  • Environmental Awareness & Resource Sustainability - ETN Parts are processed 2-3 times.  More importantly, they keep electronic components out of our landfills and add mass and weight to the numbers of sustainability data collection .

  • Improving the Original Designs and Production Process -Companies can identify Original Equipment weak points and invest in solutions to eliminate these failures. Engineers develop new technologies and custom equipment to automate the manufacturing process. Over the years, these developments have improved parts over and above the level of quality of the OEM part they replace.

Just about all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) do not distinguish between new and ETN parts for Field Replacement Units (FRU) parts. One of the top OEMs, HP states in the Warranty and Support Guide,

"HP may repair or replace HP Hardware Products (a) with new or previously used products or parts equivalent to new in performance and reliability or (b) with equivalent products to an original product that has been discontinued."

What Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Support ETN Programs

ETN programs help OEMs achieve their sustainability goals and more importantly the programs help reduces cost . OEMs that utilize ETN parts include:

  • Xerox

  • Ricoh

  • Toshiba

  • Hewlett Packard

  • Lexmark

Most original equipment manufacturers have embraced ETN parts so much, many of them do not distinguished between new and ETN products within their warranty programs. 

Other Helpful Laser Printer Support Resources

HP printer parts such as printer fusers

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Hp laser printers
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