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Video Review Of How Metrofuser Extends The Yield Of HP Fusers Used in Maintenance Kits and Printers

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

I tell any printer service company or reseller looking to qualify a printer fuser supplier that they should do more than ask for a suppliers QC process—they should test it for themselves. I find it incredible that something as critical to a company's business profitability plan as fusers or maintenance kits often taken as a commodity that doesn’t require the same due diligence as software, hardware, or other office products.

Review Of How Metrofuser Extends The Yield Of HP Fusers Used in Maintenance Kits and Printers

HP Printer Replacement Parts vary greatly from one supplier to another. But you shouldn’t take my word for our quality. Test them for yourselves, and make sure you do the same with anybody with whom you are placing your trust.

The fuser is the heart and engine of the printer. Let’s remember, these modern business laser printers are operating between 40 to 60 pages per minute with duty cycles up to 250,000 pages per month. The heat, friction and pressure in these devices are pushing the fusers to their limits.

In this video, we will take a deeper dive into how our fusers are different and how we achieve a 2.7% warranty rate. We will also show you how we are able to push many of our fusers to 500,000 to 1 million page life. To make that possible, Metrofuser had to engineer a series of upgrades and we will cover a few of them here.

Starting with Pre Production Fuser Core Selection

Remanufactured fusers are as only as good as the platform they’re built upon. We perform an analysis of the core prior to its remanufacturing.  Metrofuser outright rejects many cores because they fall out of spec.

Next the gear posts and welds are inspected. Frames are checked for alignment and OEM fasteners and fixture points are married throughout production. Only components that successfully pass our dimensional and functional tests can go into the Metrofuser remanufacturing process

Replacement Parts

Durable liquid injected molded rollers are used to assure “jam free” simplex and duplex printing. The rollers performs flawlessly across various types of media.

The lower pressure roller bushings are Teflon infused and are replaced 100%. We jacket the outside of the busing with another layer of Teflon for added protection

One of the most important components to a printer’s fuser is the Film Sleeve. There are over 20 inherent properties in fuser film sleeves such as specific gravity, temperature index, melting point and too many to mention that directly affect image quality and durability.

Fuser film sleeves are so critical, we’ve invested hundreds of hours working with the Rutgers School of Engineering to benchmark OEM films and have isolated the correct parameters prior to selecting our manufacturer.

Exploring the fixing film assembly further, Metrofuser has partnered with a specialty chemical manufacturer to develop various synthetic lubricant formulations with the goal of tuning the compound to last longer and perform better. Coming in at .50 per gram, the final formulation offers outstanding heat transfer while protecting the film and extending the life of the fuser.

Just as important as the grease formulation is how it is applied. While other remanufacturers have switched to automated dispensing systems to lay down a thin bead of grease to cut costs, Metrofuser utilizes hand/manual application. Manual application allows our technicians to direct our protective coating to the hottest points on the fixing film cradle for better image quality, durability, heat transfer and mobility of the sleeve.

Moving on to the Ceramic Heating Element

To address 50.x errors caused by poor connections to the ceramic heater elements, our fuser connectors are Zip tied to the cradle to reduce electrical arcing.

In addition, Metrofuser utilizes a proprietary treatment process on the ceramic heating element that improves heat transfer consistency and image quality.

This process allows the fuser to be more forgiving when its used with the ever increasing and varying sizes of aftermarket toner particulate.

Our engineers worked with a chemical manufacturer in the development of our Thermo/Seal adhesive for heating elements. Thermo/Seal is a fast acting and permanent bonding agent that has reduced the occurrence of 50 Service errors by reducing electrical arcing.

Taking it a step further, we’ve engineered line of fusers where the fuser is fine tuned to match a aftermarket toner’s chemistry and its specific heat requirements. This alignment of chemistry and hardware has improved performance and reliability. Many toner manufactures and large Manged Print Services (MPS) companies find these products invaluable as it allows them to capture the downstream market and control quality like never before.

Comprehensive Stress Testing

Finally every part Metrofuser sells is extensively stress tested before it goes out the door. This includes a comprehensive 150-250 page print test with various aftermarket toner options and BLI certified paper. Key products are power cycled multiple times. The inspection covers for toner density, consistent gradations print defects, toner adhesion and error codes.

We hope you enjoyed a technical look into our HP fuser. We offer more step by step instructional videos on fuser, transfer belt and maintenance kit installation at on blog. Youtube users can visit Metrofuser channel please like and subscribe to get the latest updates. Thanks for watching.

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