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Understanding HP’s Laser Printer Nomenclature

In an attempt to further streamline their laser printer branding identification, HP has gone beyond just the LaserJet Color LaserJet branding, incorporating a new sub-branding system.

Understanding HP’s Laser Printer Nomenclature
Understanding HP’s Laser Printer Nomenclature

Knowing the complete model number is very important, since the letters before and after the printer model number will help in determining what printer you have and

the exact parts you need.

The new sub-brands are:

  • HP LaserJet/Color LaserJet –

  • designed for all size businesses

  • HP LaserJet Professional/Color

  • LaserJet Professional – Designed for Micro and Small sized businesses

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise/ Color LaserJet

  • Enterprise – Designed for Medium and Large businesses

HP has also quietly revamped its naming structure to better define the printers’ main function. Originally, HP put the descriptor at the end of the model number (4345mfp). Then, the company changed to a transitional part number with descriptors at both the beginning and the end of the model number (M4345mfp). Now, the newest revision from HP is just a descriptor at the beginning of the model number (i.e. M4555).

Some Examples:

  • Original – LaserJet 4345mfp

  • Transitional – LaserJet M4345mfp

  • New – LaserJet M4555

Several letters can be at the end of the model number; these letters will indicate various accessories, options and capabilities.

HP Laser Printer Alpha | Trailing Alphas Description

  • a Warranty

  • b Battery

  • bm Bookmaker

  • bt Bluetooth

  • d Duplex

  • dn Duplex & Network

  • dt Duplex & Extra Tray

  • f Fax

  • h Hard disk (drive)

  • i Imaging/card slots

  • m Mailbox

  • n Network

  • nw Wireless Network

  • ps Postscript

  • r Folder

  • s Stacker

  • sk Stapler & Stacker

  • t Extra Tray

  • tn Extra Tray & Networking

  • wbt Wireless & Bluetooth

  • wf Wi-fi

  • y Wildcard (regional use)

  • x Duplex, Extra Tray & Network (formerly dtn)

  • xh Duplex, Extra Tray, Network & Hard Disk

  • xm Duplex, Extra Tray, Network & Mailbox

  • xs Duplex, Extra Tray, Network & Stacker

  • xsk Duplex, Extra Tray, Network & Stapler/Stacker

Remember, knowing these numbers and letters are important. A P3015 is very different than a 3015AiO (all in one) and knowing that will make sure you’re getting the correct parts and troubleshooting information.

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