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Troubleshooting HP JetDirect Print Servers AKA JetDirect Cards

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

80, 81, 82, 86, 87 Service Errors.

ISSUE: The front control panel of an HP LaserJet printer displays an 80, 81, 82 or 86 service message. The printer may or may not be printing diagnostic pages also. 

WORKAROUND: These are generic messages that indicate that either the printer or the HP JetDirect encountered some sort of error. Try any one or combination of the following :

  1. The most important step is to upgrade the HP JetDirect firmware. Click here and enter your JetDirect or printer model number to access software/firmware/drivers & manuals for that model device.

  2. Disable any protocol not being used on the HP JetDirect. If using more than one protocol for printing,simply do this as a test to see if the error is protocol-specific.

  3. Try to determine if the error occurs intermittently, while printing or when turning on the printer.

a.     If the error happens while printing, determine if it occurs with a specific client PC, a specific application, or a specific file. If all other client PCs, applications or files can print without the error, then the HP JetDirect is not the issue.

b.    Try printing with a different protocol to see if it is protocol specific. If other protocols work, check that the supported protocol or any client software matches the HP software system requirements (listed in the readme file for the particular software) and are compliant with networking standards.

c.     If the error happens while the turning on the printer, disconnect the LAN cable turn off and turn on the printer. If the error does not appear with the LAN cable unplugged, some traffic on the network is causing the JetDirect to error, so be sure to try all workarounds.

d.     If the error is intermittent, it is usually not serious; however, try all workarounds to alleviate the problem.

4.     Check all topology connections that may contribute to network errors: cables, hubs, switches, routers, and transceivers. Start by moving the HP JetDirect to a simpler topology in relation to the server or client PC. Try replacing cables, using different ports on the hub, or using a different LAN drop.

5.     Reset the JetDirect to factory defaults. Print a Configuration page beforehand. Reconfigure the JetDirect, first with the same configuration as before (same TCP/IP address, IPX/SPX name or Novell print server name) then, if the error returns, with a new configuration. (This may help to determine if network traffic is being directed toward a specific JetDirect that causes it to error.

6.     Remove and reseat the HP JetDirect in the printer or try another EIO slot on the printer. Also try removing the HP JetDirect from the printer and then turn the printer off and back on again to see if the error clears.

7.     Move the HP JetDirect to another printer to see if the error follows the card.

Helpful Resources

NOTE: If a diagnostic page is printed less than once a day, it usually does not indicate a serious problem. However, check the self-test page for any error messages and resolve them.

If there are multiple diagnostic pages printing each day on a printer, the cause may be location- or printer-dependent. The tests listed above should help to identify the cause so a workaround can be put in place.


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