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Tray 2 Pickup Roller Replacement for the HP LaserJet 1600 2600 2605 CM1015 CM1017 RC1-5440

RC1-5440 Tray 2 Pickup Roller Replacement for the HP Color LaserJet 1600 2600 2605 CM1015MFP CM1017MFP

HP LaserJet 1600 2600 2605 CM1015 CM1017 RC1-5440

It’s time to replace the pickup roller. This should be simple enough, correct? Not necessarily! You will see the RC1-5440 roller (Figure 1)

If you begin by opening the front door and removing all the toner, you’ll quickly discover there is no way to remove this roller from the top of the pickup assembly. You might think you need to tear the

printer all the way down to the pickup assembly. Actually, changing the pickup roller is far easier than that. Begin by removing the toner cartridges (this will prevent excess toner from spilling in the printer).

Now, remove the Tray 2 paper cassette tray, the exit tray from the top rear of the printer

(1600/2600/2605 only), and the tray dust cover from the rear bottom of the printer.

Now lay the machine on its back.

Next on the right side you will see two gears (Figure 2).

Use your thumb to turn the most accessible gear. This gear is the one closest to the front of the printer. Turn the gear until the roller spins around to gain access to the roller release tabs.

roller spins around to gain access to the roller release tabs (Figure 3).

Replace the roller. It does take some pressure to do this.

When you are finished, you don’t need to worry about pushing the gear to put the roller back into position (Figure 4), when you power the printer on it will automatically reposition the roller.

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