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Top Selling HP Printer Parts List For M454DN M454DW M454nw + M479DW M479FDN M479FDW

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Most Purchase Parts for the HP LaserJet Printer Parts For HP COLOR LASERJET PRO M454DN, M454DW  M454nw W1Y43A W1Y44A W1Y45A and HP COLOR LASERJET PRO MFP M479DW, M479FDN, M479FDW W1A77A W1A78A W1A80A

HP M454 M479 Laser Printer Top Selling Parts

  1. Optional 550 Sheet Feeder CF404A/CF404-67902

  2. M454nw Top Cover with Control Panel RM2-6433

  3. M454dn Top Cover with Control Panel RM2-6442

  4. M454dw Top Cover RM2-1819

  5. Fan (FM2) RK2-6270

  6. Laser Scanner RM2-5612

  7. Power Switch Assembly RM2-6373

  8. Memory PCA RM2-7245

  9. Engine controller, Duplex RM3-7238

  10. Engine controller, Simplex RM3-7239

  11. M454dw Formatter, W1Y45-67901

  12. M454nw Formatter W1Y43-67901

  13. M454dn Formatter W1Y44-67901

  14. Fan (FM1) RK2-6270

  15. Driver PCA RM2-7369

  16. Low Voltage Power Supply/LVPS, 120V RM3-7241

  17. Tray 1 Pickup Roller RL1-2593-000CN

  18. 250 Sheet Tray 2 Cassette RM2-6377

  19. Tray 1 Separation Pad RM2-6406-000CN

  20. Transfer Belt/ITB RM2-6454

  21. Drum Motor (M2) RM2-7342

  22. Developing Motor (M3) RM2-7344

  23. Fuser Motor (M4) RM2-7348

  24. Density Detect Sensor RM2-7399

  25. Tray 2/3 Pickup Roller RM2-5576-000CN

  26. Tray 2/3 Feed Roller RM2-5577-000CN

  27. Tray 2/3 Separation Roller RM2-5881-000CN

  28. Tray 2 Lifter Drive   RM2-6370

  29. Tray 2 Pickup Assembly RM2-6372

  30. Registration Assembly  RM2-6374

  31. Tray 2/3 Pickup Motor (M1 & M9) RM2-7350

  32. Reverse Drive Assembly, Duplex RM2-6389

  33. Secondary Transfer Assembly, Duplex RM2-6397

  34. Secondary Transfer Assembly, Simplex RM2-6430

  35. Secondary Transfer Roller RM2-6455-000CN

  36. Fuser, Duplex, 120V RM2-6418

  37. Fuser, Simplex, 120V RM2-6431

  38. W2020-67901 414A Black Toner Cartridge

  39. W2020-67902 414X Black Toner Cartridge

  40. W2021-67901 414A Cyan Toner Cartridge

  41. W2021-67902 414X Cyan Toner Cartridge

  42. W2022-67901 414A Yellow Toner Cartridge

  43. W2022-67902 414X Yellow Toner Cartridge

  44. W2033-67901 414A Magenta Toner Cartridge

  45. W2023-67902 414X Magenta Toner Cartridge

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