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Top 4 HP Printer Help Websites and Forums

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Top 4 HP Printer Help Websites and Forums

Over the years we have seen some great HP printer help sites come and go. These websites have been critical to supporting the industry as they have documented most printer problems and the various solutions all in one place.

The vast majority of these printer troubleshooting websites are run and maned by dedicated technicians that have no connection to the OEM and in most cases are not compensated. They love what they do and enjoy sharing their knowledge with the world.

Helpful Resources

One of the highest rated contributors on the HP LaserJet Printer board is a customer of ours who posses a tremendous amount to field service skills. He works all day for a local service company and goes home and logs on nightly to help other technicians out.

We ranked the top 4 of the most current websites that offer the most value to printer service technicians today. The evaluation and criteria was simple. Ranking was scored around these 5 aspects.

  1. Spammy Factor- We targeted sites with little to no spam

  2. Response Time- How soon did someone respond or did the site answer your question?

  3. Rich Discussions on Legacy and Current HP Printer Models

  4. Field Service Skills (The 6th sense) -See below

  5. Use- How Many Printer technicians / How Often is it used

Special Note on Field Printer Service Skills

There is a difference between field service skills and service manual skills. The skill I am describing is when a technician can diagnose a problem by simply hearing the printer.

This type of technician can solve or troubleshoot common problems in a HP printer by tracing where the device was plugged in at and what else was on that same circuit, without removing a cover.

High velocity of hp printer help posts and very targeted with great response times. Getting answers on legacy problems or exotic problem solving is a bit more challenging.

Managed by a smaller group of regular technicians. It has some of the most experienced gritty techs with lots of Field service skills and very friendly. It has 2734 threads and 14068 Posts by over 62,980 Members.

Our very own comprehensive forum and other online resources to help educate technicians on legacy models as well as the latest laser imaging technologies. Search Symptoms to Solutions Support Database. Utilized by over 330,000 users from just about every country on the planet.

Tek-Tips is the largest IT community on the Internet today!  Members share and learn making Tek-Tips Forums the best source of peer-reviewed technical information on the Internet! Good all around choice rich discussion and a deep forum with a wide array of IT related issues.

These are my top 4 HP printer help websites and forums. If you have one that is not listed and believe it should email me, and I will take a look.

I am not recommending people subscribe to one or another. I find it best to work with all of them.

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David Warner
David Warner
Jan 04, 2021

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Suraiya Ahmed
Suraiya Ahmed
Oct 15, 2020

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