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Top Five HP Printer Troubleshooting Skills

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Top Five HP Printer Troubleshooting Skills

When it comes to HP Printer Troubleshooting Skills your eyes and ears are your number one most important tool. The visual inspection is the single most powerful tool you have available when it comes to troubleshooting a HP printer.

I estimate 75% of printer problems can be diagnosed by performing a thorough visual inspection. This includes using your ears and nose. This works well with most printer part sub assemblies such as printer fusers, toner and transfer kits.

Good memory or a keeping a log – If you come across a machine with an unusual problem, remember what you did to resolve it. You will see that same problem on another machine in the future.

If your memory is not so good, or not as good as it used to be, keep a small notebook in your toolbox in which you document failures/error codes and their solutions.

The right tools – You need to have everything you could possibly need to repair a customer’s machine. Torx drivers, spring pullers, magnifiers, jeweler’s screwdrivers, etc.

You might not need them on every job, but you gotta have them when you need them.

Patience – Not every call is going to be a simple PM call. Sometimes printers will not cooperate, sometimes they will not give you any clue as to what the problem is. Professionalism must be displayed when you are at a customer site, no matter how bad a printer is treating you. ABC – Always Be Cool.

Training and knowledge – It might be nice if printer technology never advanced past the good old LaserJet 4250, but newer printers are more advanced, more compact, their parts more consolidated.

Keep up to date on newly released product lines and new technologies being employed. Keep a thumbdrive with service manuals for any models you expect to work on.

Creativity/get it donedness – Sometimes you just don’t have the right roller, pad, grease, or the right size screw with you. Regardless, you need to do whatever you can to get the customer back up and running.

This is where creative solutions and tips from old timers come into play…chewing gum, glue, spit, earwax, whatever it takes to (at least temporarily, until you can get back there with the right part) get the job done.

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Will DeMuth helps printer service organizations maximize service costs and reduce call backs through product placement, training, and advisory services. Will has 20+ years of product leadership experience and is part of the greatest operational team in the industry. His company Metrofuser has been honored with 20+ Leadership and Industry Awards.


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