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The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training Of New Jersey

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training: Empowering Communities through Comprehensive Violence Prevention and Personal Safety Programs

At The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training, we are dedicated to creating positive social change, preventing abuse, and fostering healing through our comprehensive violence prevention and evidence-based personal safety programs. As an educational services company, our mission is to equip individuals of all ages and genders, regardless of fitness levels or body types, with the tools they need to stay safe and confident in any situation.

The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training For New Jersey NJ
The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training For New Jersey NJ

Our Approach to Violence Prevention And Self Defense:

Our vision extends beyond just teaching self-defense techniques; we believe in a broad and multifaceted response to violence. Through our programs, we address various aspects of personal safety, communication skills, and self-defense to empower individuals and communities to become safer and more resilient.

Self-defense refers to a set of techniques, strategies, and skills that individuals use to protect themselves from physical, verbal, or emotional harm. The primary goal of self-defense is to ensure personal safety and well-being in the face of potential threats or attacks.

It is a proactive approach to ensuring one's security and should be used responsibly and only in situations where there is a genuine need for protection. Here are some key aspects and techniques that someone should look to learn in self-defense:

  • Basic Awareness

  • Self Defense Situational Awareness Skills

  • Pre Incident Indicators

  • Movement Though High Threat Environments

  • Understanding the Human Aggression Cycle and Pre Attack Indicators

  • Violence Survival Pyramid

  • Self Defense Verbal De-escalation Skills

  • Self Defense Escape Techniques

  • Striking Techniques

  • Self Defense Ground Defense

  • Self Defense Joint Locks and Control Holds

  • Use of Everyday Objects For Self Defense

  • Self-Confidence For Self Defense

Public Violence Prevention And Self Defence Classes for All:

At The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training, we offer public classes designed to cater to the diverse needs of our participants. Whether you're a beginner or seeking advanced training, our range of classes includes Introductory Workshops, Basics, and Advanced courses. Our inclusive approach ensures that everyone can access the valuable knowledge and skills we provide.

Violence Prevention And Self Defense Empowers People:

We offer programs focusing on health and life skills education, anti-bias and anti-bullying initiatives, and social and emotional learning fundamentals. By nurturing a safe and supportive environment, we aim to empower the next generation with the tools to handle challenging situations and build healthy relationships.

Self Defense Training Of New Jersey
Self Defense Training Of New Jersey

Violence Prevention And Self Defense For Workplace Safety and Professional Development:

Corporations and agencies turn to The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training for safety training tailored to their specific needs. From on-site staff to those

NJ Self DefenceTraining Classes
NJ Self DefenceTraining Classes

working in the field, our workplace safety programs cover topics such as managing difficult clients and navigating domestic and international travel. Additionally, we offer professional development workshops in leadership, communication skills, and team building to enhance overall workplace effectiveness.

Customized Violence Prevention And Self Defense Training for Individuals and Community-Based Organizations:

We recognize that each individual and community has unique goals and needs. To address these specific requirements, we provide private and custom classes. Whether it's a group seeking team-building exercises or a community-based organization aiming to empower its members, we tailor our programs to create a meaningful and impactful learning experience.

Self Defense For Men and Women
Self Defense For Men and Women

Personal Transformation

At The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training, we take immense pride in the transformative impact our programs have on our graduates' lives. The skills and knowledge they acquire during their training resonate far beyond our classes, enhancing their personal lives in numerous positive ways. Our graduates often report the following positive effects:

  1. Greater General Awareness and Confidence: Through our comprehensive training, graduates develop heightened situational awareness and self-assurance. They become more adept at assessing their surroundings and making informed decisions, boosting their overall confidence in various situations.

  2. Clear and Direct Communication Skills: Graduates acquire effective communication techniques during their training, enabling them to express themselves clearly and assertively. These newfound skills enhance their ability to articulate their thoughts and needs in both personal and professional interactions.

  3. Increased Self-Esteem and Assertiveness: As graduates gain mastery over personal safety and self-defense techniques, their self-esteem experiences a significant boost. They develop a sense of empowerment and assertiveness that permeates their daily lives.

  4. Creative and Flexible Problem-Solving Skills: Graduates learn adaptive problem-solving strategies during our courses. This allows them to approach challenges with creativity and flexibility, finding innovative solutions even in complex scenarios.

  5. Improved Leadership Skills: The leadership workshops we offer empower graduates to enhance their leadership abilities. They gain valuable insights into leading teams effectively, inspiring others, and fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.

  6. Enhanced Focus and Effectiveness at Work: The skills acquired have a direct impact on graduates' professional lives. They experience improved focus and effectiveness at work, leading to enhanced productivity and job performance.

  7. Calm and Clearheaded Thinking during Stressful Situations: With our training's emphasis on stress management and crisis response, graduates develop the ability to stay calm and think clearly in high-pressure situations. This newfound composure proves invaluable in managing stress both at work and in personal life.

We are driven by the mission to empower individuals with the tools they need to thrive in all aspects of life. Our graduates' feedback speaks volumes about the lasting impact of our programs, as they carry feelings of safety, empowerment, and improved communication skills into their daily lives. From increased confidence to enhanced problem-solving abilities, our graduates embody the essence of personal growth and transformation. With every success story, we are reminded of the profound and positive influence that The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training continues to have on individuals and communities alike.

Our Violence Prevention And Self Defence Training Classes Are Conducted Throughout New Jersey

  • Atlantic County

  • Bergen County

  • Burlington County

  • Camden County

  • Cape May County

  • Cumberland County

  • Essex County

  • Gloucester County

  • Hudson County

  • Hunterdon County

  • Mercer County

  • Middlesex County

  • Monmouth County

  • Morris County

  • Ocean County

  • Passaic County

  • Salem County

  • Somerset County

  • Sussex County

  • Union County

  • Warren County

The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense's mission is to prevent violence by building skills and inspiring individuals to be agents of personal, community & cultural change. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense reaches children, adults and the elderly in New jersey. Conceptual seminars teach the origins of violence and how to assess risk and set boundaries for healthy relationships. Experiential classes teach hands-on interpersonal skills and strategies to prevent and stop assault. The Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense reaches individuals and communities through partnerships with schools and other nonprofits, community groups, as well as classes for the public. By reducing the fear and impact of violence, we help to create a community where people live powerfully, experience freedom, and pursue joy.


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