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Solving The HP Laser Printer Cover Panel Discoloring Phenomenon

The HP Laser printer yellowing problem can make a great working printer look like it needs to be replaced. For many printer service dealers and managed print services MPS providers this could be a problem.

The phenomenon shows up on HP laser printer covers some looking as new as the day it came out of the factory, others will turn varied shades of tan yellow or even gray.

Solving The HP Laser Printer Cover Panel Discoloring Phenomenon

Over time the various covers on HP printers color age differently. While some remain light white others turn various shades of yellow leaving a perfectly running Laser Jet printer looking like it was stitched together from various parts.

There are all sorts of online theories on why and how HP laser printers covers turn different shades yellow while other remain the same color.

  • Oxidation

  • Florescent lighting aging

  • Material impurities

The important thing is, it has no effect on performance. Some endusers may take issue with the printer cosmetically to the point of asking for a replacement.

The good news is there are custom series of blended aerosol paints that refresh the various HP printer panels to a like new state. Yellowing printer covers on printers can be brought back to life. Dealers and MPS providers can offer this simple service of removing the printer covers and recoated the panels to return them to a like new state cosmetically.

Metrofuser worked closely with a paint fabricator to develop this custom blended printer cover paint in a easy to use aerosol so it can be distributed to dealers. The formula is color corrected so acceptable aged covers can match newly refinished ones. It is the same durable acrylic lacquer used in Metrofuser's coating program for printer re-manufacturing.

Complete Lineup-Color Corrected to Match but not limited to

  • RM1-X101-000CN “4200 White” 1320 3800 3800 4000 4100 4200 4250  4350 4600 4650 5000 5100 5500 5550 8000 8100 9000 9050

  • RM1-X104-000CN “4345 Gray”  4345, M4345

  • RM1-X105-000CN “4015 Gray” P4014 P4015 P4515 M601 M602 M603 P2035  P2055 CP2025 M1522 CM2320 CP4525

Dealers and MPS providers can offer the the simple service of removing the printer covers and recoat the panels to return them to a like new state cosmetically.

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