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Solving Mismatch Error or 41.3 Error on HP M607 M608 M609 M610 M611 M612 M631 M632 M633 Printers

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Troubleshooting the Mismatch Error and 41.3 error on HP M607 M608 M609 M610 M611 M612 M631 M632 M633 Laser Printers

Our laser printer technical support department has been receiving many requests lately from printer technicians regarding HP M608 M609 M610 M611 M612 M631 M632 M633 Printers with the following errors.

  • Mismatch error

  • 41 error,

  • Paper jams

  • Tray overloaded errors.

The 3 Solutions below will solve these printer errors.

Possible Issue #1

Remove replace the pickup rollers.

Possible Issue #2

If the paper pickup roller is not installed properly, this could cause mismatch error, 41 error, jams, or ‘tray overloaded’ errors.

Remove reinstall or replace the paper pickup roller. The plastic tab on the pickup roller has to be position correctly with the hook in the .

Diagram of proper pickup roller installation and proper placement of it’s hook/tab for HP M607 M608 M609 M610 M611 M612 M631 M632 M633 Laser Printers

Possible Issue #3

The paper stop located in the paper tray may not be positioned incorrectly.

Often times the paper stop gets out of alignment when switching paper sizes. Sometimes it occurs when someone slams the paper tray it could shift back. In either case, it may cause the paper late to feed to late which could cause a mismatch error.

Possible Issue #4

In extreme cases, you may have the replace the entire paper pickup assembly. Replacing this part is difficult and should be performed by an experience printer technicaion.

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