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Simple Steps To Upgrade The M506 M605 Printer Firmware to Clear The 49. or 99. Error Code.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

How To Instructions To Upgrade The M506, M605 Printer Firmware.

This process can also be used for when your simply updating the firmware ro to solve the 49 or 99 Error Codes.

1) Turn the HP M605 or M506 Laser printer off.

2) Disconnect Ethernet from network.

3) Insert FAT32 formatted thumbdrive with firmware update in the root directory (must be the .bdl file, not the .zip file) into the USB port on/near the control panel.

4) Turn the HP M605 or M506 Laser printer on. After LEDs turn on second time hit orange X.

5) Blue Pre-Boot menu should appear.

6) Highlight ADMINISTRATION and hit OK.

7) Highlight MANAGE DISK and hit OK.

8) Highlight BOOT DEVICE and hit OK.

9) Highlight SECURE ERASE and hit OK (This should take about 5-10 seconds).

10) Hit the back button a few times until you see the option for DOWNLOAD. Highlight PARTIAL CLEAN and hit OK.

11) Highlight FORMAT DISK and hit OK (It should tell you that you will need to rewrite firmware, hit OK).

12) Highlight DOWNLOAD and hit OK.

13) Highlight USB THUMBDRIVE and hit OK. It should display the filename of the firmware file on your thumbdrive. Hit OK to start the firmware update/rewrite.

14) When the display says "CLOSING REPOSITORY, hit the back button until CONTINUE is highlighted then hit OK.

How To Instructions To Upgrade The The M506  M605 Printer Firmware to Clear The 49. or 99. Error Code.
How To Instructions To Upgrade The The M506 M605 Printer Firmware to Clear The 49. or 99. Error Code.

The HP M605 or M506 Laser printer will reboot. It may go blank or shut itself off and turn back on or reboot again. It may even come up with a USED BOARD or DISK error. This is normal, do not interfere, just let it do its thing. It will take a few minutes and eventually it should require that you enter setup information like the language, date and time.

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