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HP and Lexmark Laser Printer Transfer Rollers Removal, Installation and Troubleshooting

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Inside HP and Lexmark Laser Printers- The How and Why of Laser Printer Transfer Rollers. RM1-0699 RM1-5462 40X1886 RM1-1508 CC493-67908

Today we will be reviewing printer transfer rollers. We will go over removal and installation process for a typical printer transfer roller.

We will review some common types and go over care and troubleshooting.

HP printer transfer rollers can be ordered individually or with maintenance kits.

The transfer roller is a critical part of a HP laser printer. The transfer roller inside a LaserJet printer is responsible for attracting toner from the cartridge drum and onto the paper. It uses opposing electrical charges to attract the toner particles.

Printer transfer roller are consumables, similar to automobile tires. They have a life span and once spent begin to show problems.

In fact many printer problems that occur are due to the transfer roller coming to the end of of its life. A faulty transfer roller will cause the printer to exhibit the following issues.

Faded Print

A faulty transfer roller can result in the production of faded printouts without legibility in the text or image. A dirty roller usually causes this, and carrying out a gentle wipe over the roller surface can restore normal print quality.

Gray Background on Pages

If the printout contains gray spots and streaks in different areas, it is a sure sign of a faulty transfer roller.

Cleaning and Care Printer Transfer Rollers

Do not ever use any kind of liquid to clean transfer rollers. Not even water. Especially not chemicals. You can use a dry towel or a clean paint brush type brush to clean them.

Compressed air if available works well.

Visual Inspection and Testing

Printer transfer rollers cannot be visual inspected or tested to how much life is left in them. A properly maintain the printer will keep track of usage by page count. In simple terms, over time they loose conductivity.

Printer Transfer Roller Installation Tips

It is highly recommended to use gloves when installing new transfer rollers. The oils from you fingertips can contaminate the black spongy material on the transfer roller. The contamination will cause image defects.

Popular Printer Transfer Rollers RM1-0699 RM1-5462 40X1886 RM1-1508 CC493-67908
Popular Printer Transfer Rollers RM1-0699 RM1-5462 40X1886 RM1-1508 CC493-67908

Popular Printer Transfer Rollers

Common Types of Printer Transfer Roller

  • Lexmark T630 T640 T650 transfer roller with corona roller assy

  • HP Color LaserJet 3525 4025 551 secondary printer transfer roller-Click in place

  • HP P3005 printer transfer roller- Tension clip

  • HP 4200 4250 printer transfer roller -Pick or Hook Removal

  • Lexmark uses a combination charge roller and transfer roller

How To Remove and Replace HP Printer Transfer Roller Step 1: Open the cartridge access door. Remove the toner cartridge.

Step 2: Remove the printer transfer roller.

Step 3: Install the transfer roller

Step 4: Remove the protective paper from the transfer roller

Step 5: Install the toner cartridge.

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