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Printer Spotlight HP LaserJet CP6015 CM6030mfp CM6040mfp Series

At a glance look at the CP6015 Series CM6030mfp CM6040mfp Series

Model Name CP6015dn/CP6015x/CP6015xh CM6030mfp/CM6030f mfp CM6040f mfp

Model Number Q3932A, Q3933A, Q3934A CE664A, CE665A Q3939A

Printer Spotlight HP LaserJet CP6015 CM6030mfp CM6040mfp Series
Printer Spotlight HP LaserJet CP6015 CM6030mfp CM6040mfp Series

Release Date Apr 08 Apr 08 Apr 08

Print Speed 40 ppm 31 ppm 40 ppm

Max DPI 1200x600 1200x600 1200x600

Duty Cycle 175,000 pgs/month 200,000 pgs/month 200,000 pgs/month

Memory std/max 512/512MB 512/768MB 768MB/1GB

Fuser Q3938-67966 Q3938-67966 Q3938-67966

Cassette Roller Kit Q3931-67919

Kit contains: 1 cassette pickup roller RL1-1289-000

  • 1 cassette feed roller RM1-0037-000

  • 1 cassette separation roller RM1-0037-000

Tray 1 Roller Kit Q3931-67920

  • Kit contains: 1 tray 1 pickup roller 1 tray 1 separation roller

Roller Kit CB459A

  • Kit contains: 1 transfer roller assembly RM1-3319-000

Fuser Kit CB457A

Kit contains: 1 fuser Q3938-67966

1 VOC filter RC1-9313-000

Image Transfer Kit Q7504A

Kit contains: 1 ITB (image transfer belt) RM1-3161

1 VOC filter RC1-9313

ADF Maintenance Kit Q3938-67969 (choose reset supplies in the reset menu)

Kit contains: 1 ADF pick up roller asm

1 ADF separation pad asm

Air Filter Kit Q3931-67906

Kit contains: 1 VOC air filter with instructions RC1-9313-000

Toner Cartridges

  • Black CB380A 16,500 pgs CB390A 19,500 pgs

  • Cyan CB381A 21,000 pgs

  • Yellow CB382A 21,000 pgs

  • Magenta CB383A 21,000 pgs

Image Drum

  • Black CB384A 35,000 pgs

  • Cyan CB385A 35,000 pgs

  • Yellow CB386A 35,000 pgs

  • Magenta CB387A 35,000 pgs

Service Pin 3601508 6603005 4604008

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