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Top HP Laser Printer Technical Support Questions For (2018)

Updated: May 9, 2019

Since the company was founded, Metrofuser has answered over 40,000 HP printer technical support calls. We compiled the top HP printer support calls for 2018 and corresponding solutions.

Top HP Laser Printer Technical Support Questions For (2018)
Top HP Laser Printer Technical Support Questions For (2018)

  1. HP Color Laser 3600 3800 CP3505 Printers – 10.xx.xx error – Check toner lock arm action at left and right sides of toner cartridges, inside the printer. These are among maybe 10 parts that constantly break on these models when some one forces the front cover closed. Learn More

  2. Firmware updating resolving 49.xx.xx 98.xx.xx 99.xx.xx (See attachment BDL Firmware Upgrading). Learn More

  3. Noise issues on P4015, M601 M602 M603 & M604 M605 M606 models – Navigate to and run component tests to isolate bad parts. Learn More

  4. M377 M452 M477 – 59.f0 – Flash new DC Controller firmware. Also update formatter firmware. Be clear about this – there are two firmwares to update here and the DC Controller firmware is NOT available from HP. Learn More

  5. Secondary Service Menu on the CP2025 CM2320 M351 M451 M375 M475. Separate from the one that we did as part of the maintenance kit videos for these models. People break these machines all the time because they don’t know 1) that they need to do this and 2) how to do it. Learn More

  6. PIN Codes for HP LaserJet Service Menus- HP latest laser printer models require the entering of a PIN code to access the Service Menu. PIN codes can be found in most OEM service manuals. Learn More

  7. Toner rubbing off on 42xx 43xx, P4014 P4015 P4515 after replacing fuser – Try another toner cartridge. Try another heat setting  like High-1 or High-2. Learn More

  8. Toner rubbing off on M601-M606 after replacing fuser – try another toner cartridge. Ensure PLAIN print mode is set to NORMAL, not LIGHT. Try another heat setting like intermediate or Heavy. Learn More Learn About High Varient Fusing Technology.

  9. HP CP35258 CM3530 CP4025 CP4525 CM4540 – vertical lines/stray toner on printouts – Check/replace waste toner duct motor assembly.

  10. HP 5200 M5025 M5035 – Noise from fuser area – replace both the fuser and fuser drive.

  11. HP CP2025 CM2320, M351 M451 M375 M475 – Paper jam at power up, before even attempting to print a job, sometimes when starting job – replace pickup assembly.

  12. Many HP printers, mostly older ones – Blank display, backlight is lit, fans and motors can be heard initializing – re-seat printer memory and firmware DIMMs on formatter and reinstall formatter.

  13. HP 2600 2605 Color Laser Printers – Colors off, faded reds – remove and clean or replace the laser scanner

  14. CP5225, CP5525 – 50.xx.xx error code – Check which HP laser printer model you are working on and be sure to order the right fuser. CP 5225 & CP 5525 fuser are different and are not interchangeable.

  15. HP 4250 laser printer formatter board requires 64MB for network functionality. The HP 4350 laser printer requires 80MB for network functionality.

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