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Overview of the leading manufacturer of HP printer parts, such as printer fusers and fuser kits

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Metrofuser is the leading manufacturer of HP printer parts, such as printer fusers, fuser kits and more.

Metrofuser is the leading global innovator, manufacturer of printer parts, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional user.

Our Company has received over 20+ Industry and Leadership Awards including 5 time inc magazine honoree. Metrofuser serves over 2000 customers from around the world. Since 2003 Metrofuser has rebuilt close to a million parts and printers

Our comprehensive knowledge comes from our leadership in our five primary, interconnected business sectors.

1. Remanufacturing

We were founded on remanufacturing and innovating printer parts, allowing for a unique, granular-level look into each individual part. We believe remanufacturing is not only an eco-friendly alternative, but it is also a chance for the part to evolve from its original state.

At Metrofuser each repair generation is an evolution to greater quality - a continuous improvement from the original factory model. From implementing engineering upgrades and component-level redesigns all the way through to process engineering efficiencies, the evolution and innovation never stops at Metrofuser.

HP LaserJet Printer Parts Include;

  1. Printer Fusers

  2. Maintenance Kits

  3. Power Supplies and Logic Boards

  4. Paper Trays and Input/Output Units

  5. New OEM & Compatible Parts

  6. JetDirect Cards

  7. Transfer Belts

  8. Toner Cartridges

  9. Metrofuser maintains a diverse printer boneyard which gives customers access to one of the largest depth and breadth inventories in the industry.

2. HP Printer Repair Training

We have become the industry leader in training technicians from around the world on how to repair some of the most popular printer models. Our ServicePLUS printer repair training is a compilation of the collaborative disciplines of parts theory, service management and general printer repair. Classes provide students with hands-on, real-life scenarios which will challenge them to repair everything possible for each technology element. Students break it, fx it, install it, troubleshoot it, upgrade it and deploy it.

3. Certified Remanufactured Printers

Metrofuser offers a full line of remaufactured laser printers. The devices are rebuilt from the ground up with color corrected resurfacing to make them appear and function like new. equipped with scalable warranties (6-18-24 months) that offer customers full control over cost points, expenses and profitability.

4. Help desk and Tech support

Our HelpDesk Solution is the next step in the organic evolution of an industry innovator and a partner in MPS. Metrofuser’s first response team is comprised of industry specialists, grizzled veterans with a minimum of 10 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing these devices in the feld. Metrofuser supports the biggest service organizations in the printer repair industry and the team’s goal is to assist in diagnosing problems, analyze recurring failure and ultimately eliminate wrongly ordered parts and unnecessary service calls.

5. Industry Credentialing

Metrofuser rewards its customer with powerful business development tools. Evidence-based certifications and awards are essential for supercharging employee morale, salespeople's motivation and customer brand awareness. We developed a program that will communicate loudly the strengths and abilities of our partners. Achievements are shareable and marketable on multi platforms.(A) Our goal is to give our customers the best chance to succeed in an increasingly competitive and shrinking market.


With over 15+ years of experience, Metrofuser is the company behind leading organizations.

Innovative one of a kind tools, parts and equipment that help get the job done faster, open up new markets and give you an edge over the competition;

  • Custom blended aerosol paints that turn yellowing printer covers like new.

  • Exclusive printer parts not available from the OEM or aftermarket

  • Our Flash-It technology saves service companies thousands in extending the use transfer belt consumables

  • Metrofuser’s ZeroSet Technology is integrated into fuser kits and transfer belts the duplicate the functionality used in the oem.

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Developing a Critical HP Printer Parts Stocking Strategy

Metrofuser is recognized the leading independent parts distributors. We are not subject to the influences and authority of OEMs or private equity groups. We serve as a firewall between dealers and potential competitors. As the industry consolidates, vendors with OEM authorizations not aligned with their dealers can become a liability. Our independence also means we can shop the world for OEM parts taking advantage of currency arbitrage and discounts in various world markets.

1-2 Day Ground Delivery to 80% of the Largest Metropolitan Areas

We have established a network of strategically located distribution centers nationwide that provides 1-2 day ground to 80% of the largest US metropolitan areas. Fully Integrated shipping system and Dimensional shipping scale maximizes efficiency and reduces shipping costs.

What Goes Into Our Fusers is What Sets Us Apart