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Metrofuser's Strategy to Stop Tariffs From Impacting Prices On Remanufactured Products

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Price Increases for Genuine OEM Are Still a Question Nationwide.

Metrofuser Has a Plan to Stop Tariffs From Impacting Prices On Remanufactured Products
Metrofuser Has a Plan to Stop Tariffs From Impacting Prices On Remanufactured Products

Elizabeth, NJ - Laser printer parts manufacturer Metrofuser ( has announced no price increases due to the 15% tariffs that went into effect September 1st 2019. The companies strategy will continue to rely on suppliers help and cooperation as tariff changes are on going and uncertainty remains. Metrofuser announced it will not accept any new cost increases on tier 1 products related to tariffs on materials imported from China. The companies expectation is that its long term strategic partners will develop the appropriate contingency plans so that they don't have to pass price increases along. Metrofuser expects its suppliers to either find alternative sources for the products they sell, or work through the cost of the tariffs on goods imported from China using currency arbitrage or some other means. 

"Despite all the trade noise, I believe we're doing an incredible job executing measures to mitigate the impact of the tariff on our customers. These include negotiating vendor price concessions and onboarding new suppliers at record rates this year" said Will DeMuth Co-President.

In addition, early indications are that Genuine OEM price increases due to tariffs look to be coming but are further down the timeline due to the length of the supply chain. The company noted earlier that tariffs will adversely effect higher prices goods such as Genuine OEM products more and will increase the price delta between New OEM and domestically remanufactured products.

Metrofuser is a leading global innovator, manufacturer of printer parts, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional users performing critical tasks. Products and services include hp printer parts, printers and printer repair training. Parts include hp printer parts such as printer fusers, printer maintenance kits and other hp printer replacement parts. The company's, customers include office equipment dealerships, online retailers, repair centers and MPS service providers nationwide. Metrofuser has been named to Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies five consecutive years.  Printer Service Advisers can be reached at 908-245-2100 or visit


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