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Lexmark Laser Printers Optra S, Optra T Check Configuration ID Message

Updated: Jun 13, 2019


It’s every technician’s nightmare: you confidently diagnose your customer’s

problem, but when you order the part and install it, the printer still doesn’t work!

Sometimes the situation is as bad as it looks—you either ordered the wrong part,

or you got a bad part.

Other times, what looks like a failure is just the printer asking for a reset. The

most common example of this is the maintenance message, which displays as “80

Scheduled Maintenance” on most Lexmark printers. This message doesn’t clear automatically when the maintenance kit is installed; it must be cleared manually. Once you clear the message, the printer will return to normal functioning.

For instructions on how to do this on the most common Lexmark monochrome printers.

Another common example is the “Check Configuration ID” (or just “Check Config ID”) message. This message appears every time you replace the engine board on a Lexmark Optra S, Optra T, or T52x printer, or the system board on a T6xx printer.

But even though it looks similar to the dreaded “invalid engine code” message—which is a serious error—this one isn’t an error at all. The Config ID is just a string of numbers and/or letters stored on the engine board or system board.

Every printer has a Config ID printed on the label inside the toner door, but it’s not the same on every printer. The Config ID on the new engine board or system board may or may not match the one on the label. The message is a reminder to check whether or not they match, and if not, to make them match. Here’s how you do that:

1. Turn the printer off.

2. Press and hold the “Go” and “Return” keys while powering on. Continue

to hold these keys until the display reads “Performing Self Test,” then

release them.

3. You are now in the Diagnostic Menus, and on most printers you will see

“Registration” on the display.

4. Use either Menu Arrow key until “Printer Setup” displays, then select it.

5. Use the Menu Arrow key again until “Config ID” displays, then select it.

6. The string of characters that should be displayed is the Config ID.

The first digit will be underlined with a cursor. Pressing either Menu Arrow key will change that digit. Pressing “Select” will set the underlined digit and move the cursor one place to the right. Continue this process as necessary to make the number in the display match the one on the label, as described above. If it already matches, just select each digit. When you have selected the last digit, the printer will store the Config ID, exit Diagnostics Mode, and return to normal operation.

And that’s all there is to it! As you can see, there is no need to panic next time you get this message, since there’s nothing actually wrong with the printer—it’s simply part of the installation procedure for the engine board or system board.

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