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Industry Alert: Wide Spread Fuser Drive Gear or Swing Plate Failures in HP Printers RM2-6321, RC2-2432-M600

Updated: Feb 13


Recent reports have surfaced regarding a concerning trend in fuser drive / swing plates gear failures (RM2-6321, RC2-2432-M600) for HP printers, specifically the HP M601 M602 M603 M604 M605 M606 and M630 models. The issue appears to stem from a change in gear composites at an overseas factory, resulting in premature wear and subsequent malfunctions. This popular swing plate has wide adoption across all industry suppliers.

Industry Alert: Wide Spread Fuser Drive Gear or Swing Plate Failures in HP Printers RM2-6321, RC2-2432-M600
Industry Alert: Wide Spread Fuser Drive Gear or Swing Plate Failures in HP Printers RM2-6321, RC2-2432-M600

Symptoms of using these faulty gears include frequent gear replacements, unusual noises / grinding noise / loud printer or clicking noises emanating from the printer, and recurrent paper jams.


Remove faceup tray, remove fuser. The swing plate will be located on the left side pf the printer. Inspect for the following;

  • Check the black gear teeth on the swing for excessive wear.

  • Look for black or gray dust under where the swing plate is installed.

  • Check fuser gear that meshes with swing plate for wear.

Root Cause:

Metrofuser, a leading provider of printer parts and services, has identified the root cause of the problem as a factory-level change in gear composites. This alteration has led to a decrease in the durability and longevity of the gears, ultimately causing them to wear down prematurely and compromise the printer's performance.

Metrofuser's Response:

In response to these widespread gear failures, Metrofuser has taken proactive measures to address the issue. The company has identified the factory responsible for manufacturing the faulty gears and has implemented a quarantine on their products to prevent further distribution of defective parts. Additionally, Metrofuser has conducted extensive testing and research to provide a new composite gear and swing plate that exceeds industry standards and performs exceptionally well in life tests.

Recommendations for Printer Owners:

For owners of HP printers affected by the fuser drive gear issue, Metrofuser recommends the following steps:

Replacement: If you have recently replaced the fuser drive gear in your printer and continue to experience issues such as unusual noises or frequent paper jams, consider replacing the gear with a high-quality, tested alternative. It is also suggested that you replace the large gear on the fuser as the swing plate most likely damaged the fuser gear while it has been in use.

Inspection: Regularly inspect your printer for signs of wear or damage to the fuser drive gear. If you notice any abnormalities, such as worn teeth or cracks, it may be necessary to replace the gear to prevent further damage to the printer.

Quality Assurance: When purchasing replacement parts for your HP printer, ensure that you source them from reputable suppliers like Metrofuser, who prioritize quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

The recent failures of fuser drive gears in HP printers highlight the importance of vigilance and quality assurance in the printer parts industry. Metrofuser's swift response and commitment to developing superior replacement parts underscore their dedication to customer satisfaction and integrity. By prioritizing quality and reliability, printer owners can minimize downtime, reduce repair costs, and ensure optimal performance from their HP printers.

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