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HP Printer Fuser Care, Troubleshooting and Cleaning for HP Laser Printers

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

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HP Printer Fuser Care, Troubleshooting and Cleaning for HP Laser Printers
HP Printer Fuser Care, Troubleshooting and Cleaning for HP Laser Printers

What Is a Printer Fuser?

Printer fuser is a component of a laser printer that uses heat and pressure to bond toner to the paper. It is critical to the performance of the printer and requires replacement after a period of pages. It is considered consumable item by most printer manufactures.

Troubleshooting Fuser Problems

How Remove a Paper Jam In The Fuser.

Office end users may yank and pull. The last thing you want to have happen is it to rip leaving paper in the fuser. Loose paper can block paper sensors and cause other problems. The process of removing the paper jammed at the fuser should be slow and deliberate.

  • Grab the entire width of the paper.

  • Pull slowly.

An even better option is to check to see the fuser has thumb wheel to rotate the wheel either way to get to remove the paper. Turn the printer off and remove the fuser to access the thumb wheel.

How to Clear Paper Pieces Stuck In The Fuser.

Warning: Never use anything sharp. The fuser film and lower pressure roller are very sensitive and can be damaged easily.

Loose paper must be removed from the paper path assembly as well as the fuser. If a loose piece of paper comes in the path of a sensor the fuser will not power up. Paper will have to be cleared it manually. Remove the fuser and use the thumb wheel to rotate in the opposite direction.

Performing Printer Fuser Half Way

Page Test or Stop Test

One of the most useful troubleshooting techniques is the “halfway test,” also called the “stop test.” It is useful whenever you have an image defect or a paper skewing or wrinkling problem, because it allows you to determine where in the paper path the problem is originating.

Troubleshooting Laser Printer Parts and Techniques With The Halfway Test Or Stop Test

Performing HP Printer Component Tests

HP laser printers have numerous motors and solenoids. When the printer is running it is difficult to isolate the part that is having problems.

To isolate part problems on newer HP laser printers there is a on-board software tool that allows printer technicians to perform a number of diagnostics tests. The component test allow you to run a part individually.

For example lets say you get a printer service call for M605 laser printer making noises. After ruling out the more common problems you make the decision to run an printer component test. Printer component test will allow you to test each motor individually.

In addition the test will allow you to open and close solenoids individually. This will give you the ability to listen and / or watch the solenoid open and close. We have used it to check for solenoid sticking as well.

Approach the HP laser printer control panel and navigate to component test menu.

HP M604 M605 M606 Printer Component Test Menu Navigation Procedure

Isolating Fuser Image Defects

Anyone using a laser printer––whether new or remanufactured––knows that familiar, disappointed feeling of discovering one or multiple image defects on a fresh printout.

Signified by poor quality like flaws, streaks and spots, image defects are caused by numerous external and internal factors.

Some of the most common culprits are faulty toner cartridges, the scanner assembly, controller board, high voltage power supply, fuser, transfer roller/wire and reflective mirrors. Like a team working to sabotage success, these printer parts malfunction to create havoc on the printed page.

Isolating Printer