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Troubleshooting Steps To Solve The HP Printer 49 Error Codes 49.XX

HP’s printer service manual says the 49 error can be caused by a bad command, corrupt data, invalid operations, firmware, formatter, or possibly by accessories like an EIO card or memory. Some reports even say extra trays, duplexers, envelope feeders, etc., under certain circumstances, can cause this error.

Troubleshooting Steps To Solve The HP Printer 49 Error Codes 49.XX
Troubleshooting Steps To Solve The HP Printer 49 Error Codes 49.XX

This error code also shows up when the information received by the printer is not understood, too complex, using a certain language, detail, font, command, animated gif, or program not supported by the Laser printer.

When the the HP Printer 49 errors occurs:

  1. Unplug the network cable and clear the print cue – Power cycle the printer and see if the error reoccurs. If not, the error may have been caused by a print job that was too complex or using a certain graphic not supported or recognized by the printer.

  2. Convert the document- Convert your document to another software application. For example, convert a Word document to a PDF or vice versa. The logic behind this is that you probably have a command in the document that the printer doesn’t know how to handle. When you convert the document to new software the data is reformatted.

  3. Remove the JetDirect-network card – Turn the printer off, remove network card, and turn the printer back on. If error clears with the card removed, it is likely a defective card.

  4. Remove the printer's hard drive – If applicable, remove the printer's hard drive – if error clears, the hard drive may be defective.

  5. Remove any additional printer memory – Printers that have memory DIMM as a firmware backup may not be removed.

  6. Perform a cold reset to restore all factory settings. (Including IP address)

  7. Install current printer driver

  8. Upgrade The Printers Firmware

  9. Replace The Printer's Formatter Board – If the firmware DIMM - CFM has been upgraded or replaced and the 49 error continues, the formatter should be replaced.

On some models the firmware is internal to the formatter to where the formatter may need to be replaced. Some printers have a firmware DIMM but it may not be Flash ROM in which it can’t be upgraded, therefore the DIMM would need to be replaced. Most of the newer models have the flash ROM, CFM, EMMC and can be upgraded or flashed on HP's website.

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