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HP P4014 4015 4515 Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Updating firmware using “HP Easy Firmware Upgrade” utility. Common symptoms;

Jamming without cause# 49.xx errors Printer stays in "Processing Job" and is slow to print or never actually prints Poor fusing/ poor images quality

Important Note: Do not power cycle the Printer or the PC during this process or the formatter may be damaged beyond repair!

1. Ensure you can print to the printer by printing a test page to it. Note the name of the printer (for example LaserJet P4015 or Tom's printer). If the printer is not loaded on the PC you must load it in order to use the HP Easy Firmware Upgrade

2. Download the HP Easy Firmware Upgrade utility file to the desktop. 

3. Double click on the HP Easy Firmware Upgrade utility file. A dialog box with the name of the printer 

4. Use the drop down arrow to select the printer you wish to upgrade. If the device you wish to upgrade is not in the list, you must install the printer and be able print to the device before continuing.  You can use ANY HP LaserJet driver as long as the printer shows up in the Devices and Printers window and the IP address is correct.

5. Click on the "Send Firmware" button. 

6. The progress bar will begin to move to the right indicating information is being transferred. 

7. On the PC, a smiling face will appear in the HP Easy Firmware Upgrade utility dialog box when the timer has completed.  Note: this has NO BEARING on the process! You must watch the Printer to make sure it reboots!

8. Once the Printer reboots the firmware upgrade will be complete.

Updating firmware using FTP:

Get  the TCP/IP address of the printer from the configuration pages. 

NOTE: Make sure that the printer is not in Power save mode and the control panel display says “READY”. When typing command do NOT include quotation marks (“).

Other Helpful Resources

 1. Download the file from the HP website. Rename the file P4015FW (do NOT change the .RFU extension) Copy the file into the root directory of drive C (when you click on “C” in the left column of Windows Explorer the file should be listed in the right column).

2. Open an “Elevated DOS Box” by clicking the “Start” button in Windows 7 and typing “cmd” in the search box. The letters cmd will appear at the top of the box next to a black square, right click the letters and select “run as administrator” and left click. A black box will open.

3. In the black box type “cd\”. The screen should now just have C:\ with a blinking cursor. Type ftp then space then the IP address of the printer (“ftp” ) where the x’s are replaced with the IP address of the printer (for example ftp

4. The printer will ask for a user name, just press enter 

5. The printer will ask for a password, just press enter again. 

6. Type “bin” (this sets the code to binary)

7. Type “put c:\P4015FW.rfu”

8. Look at the printer’s screen. It should say “receiving upgrade” or “performing upgrade”

NOTE: When the upgrade process has completed the LaserJet will reboot. Once the printer is back online, print a Configuration Page and verify that the new firmware has been installed. 

9. In the black box on the PC screen type “bye” to end the FTP session.  You can type “exit” in the black box or just X the box closed.

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