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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

HP NX (IIISi/4Si) MAINTENANCE KIT INSTRUCTIONS The following parts are included in this maintenance kit:

1 IIISI/4SI Fuser RG5-0046 6 Pick Up Rollers RF5-0041 1 Transfer Roller Assembly RG5-0141 1 Transfer Roller Clip RG1-0818 1 Duplex Roller RF5-0081

Please Note: Turn the printer off, unplug it, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before performing these maintenance procedures.

Installation Instructions: 1. The Fusing Assembly: *Found at the rear of the unit under the toner cartridge. *Take out the paper trays. *Press the release button to open the cover. *Take out the toner cartridge. 2. Removing the Fusing Assembly: *Remove the screw on each corner of the assembly. *Move the fusing assembly to the left and then lift it up. *Remove the fusing assembly from the printer. 3. Replacing the Fusing Assembly: *Replace the fusing assembly with the unit that came in this kit. *Carefully slide the unit to the right making sure that the assembly’s connector is inserted correctly into the socket on the printer’s right side. *Also remember to make sure that the paper sensor flag moves freely and that is has not been broken or unseated during installation. Put back the four screws, toner cartridge and close the cover.

Transfer Roller: 1. DO NOT touch the surface of the new transfer roller, unless wearing latex gloves. 2. The trays should still be out of the printer unit. Removing Transfer Roller: 1. Open the top cover. 2. Take out the light blue clip from the right side of the roller and throw it away. 3. Holding the roller in place, separate the black bushing on the right side. Now remove the roller and throw it away.

Replacing the Transfer Roller: 1. CAREFULLY insert the left end of the new transfer roller into the left socket. 2. Push the right side bushing to the right as the right side of the roller is put into the socket. 3. Attach the new router clip to the left side of the roller. 4. Check the roller by moving it back and forth. 5. Make sure that the gear on the left is also moving. 6. If everything is working close the top cover.

Pick Up Rollers: The paper trays should still be out of the printer. Three rollers are located in the top tray bay and the other three are located in the bottom tray. Removing and Replacing Pick Up Rollers: Pinch the light blue retaining clips and slip the gears off the shaft. Follow the above procedure in reverse to replace the pick up rollers. Duplex Roller (if equipped) Remove the left and the right rear panels. Remove the four screws that attach each corner of the duplex unit to the printer frame. Lift and pull the duplex unit straight out of the rear of the printer. Pinch the retaining clip and slide the “D” roller off the shaft. Installation is the reverse of removal. CLEARING THE SERVICE MESSAGE; Now that all the steps are completed, plug in the printer and turn it on. Next, follow the steps below to clear the user maintenance message.

HP IIISi PRINTER; 1. Press the online key to take the printer offline. 2. Hold down the menu key until”pcl config menu” displays followed by “sys=hp-pcl* or “sys=postscript if the printer is configured with postscript. 3. Using the menu key, scroll through the messages until you find “service msg on*. 4. Press the “+” or “-“ key to change the message to “service msg=off”. 5. Return the printer to “online” status. HP 4Si Printer; 1. Press the online key to take the printer offline. 2. Press the menu until config menu appears. 3. Click the menu key and scroll through the configuration menu until you reach .service msg=on. 4. Press the “=” or “-“ key to change the message to “service msg=off. 5. Press the enter/reset menu key to turn the message key off. 6. Return the printer to the online state.

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