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HP M377 M452 M477 Fuser RM2-6418 Alert

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

The M377 M452 M477 Fuser RM2-6418

HP M377 M452 M477 Fuser RM2-6418
HP M377 M452 M477 Fuser RM2-6418

Currently the M377 M452 M477 lower pressure rollers do not meet our quality specifications.

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We are filling orders as fast as we can using our reconditioned M377 M452 M477 lower pressure rollers but there remains constraints on supply.

M377 M452 M477 fusers
M377 M452 M477 fusers

We are suggesting printer service organisations send in M377 M452 M477 fusers for repair and return. We are prioritizing these and can guarantee turnaround in 24 hours but this is

subject to change. Review the below information prior to send in fusers for repair.

More Useful Resources

M377 M452 M477 Fuser Repair Pre Order Inspection Lower Roller

Photos of of good and bad pressure roller for the M452 Fusers. Rotate by spinning the lower roller gear to make sure the lower roller is good. The Pink sleeve is the pressure roller.

M377 M452 M477 LPR Good
M377 M452 M477 Fuser Roller pass

M377 M452 M477 Fuser Roller Failed
M377 M452 M477 Fuser Failed

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