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HP M375 M475 M476 Laser Printer Maintenance Kit Fuser Installation Instructions RM1-8061 RM2-5476

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Today we will be performing the procedure for removing and installing the HP M375 M475 M476 Fuser Maintenance Kit Part number M475kit-REO RM2-5476 RM1-8061

HP M375 m475 m476 Maintenance Kit Contents Includes:

1 HP M375 m475 m476 Fuser Assembly RM1-8061 RM2-5476

1 HP M375 m475 m476 RL1-1785 Multi-Purpose Tray 1 Separation Pad

1 HP M375 m475 m476 RL1-1802 T1 P/U Roller

1 HP M375 m475 m476 RM1-4426 Paper Pickup Roller

1 HP M375 m475 m476 RM1-4840 Pick-Up Roller for Printer

Start by making sure the printer is off for at least 15 minutes and unplugged. Approach the printer from the rear

Suggested Tools

Phillips head screwdriver

Tweezers or needle nose pliers

Flathead screwdriver

Repair Notes

  • 125,000 page yield

  • This fuser and kit is available at in an number of different options at Metrofuser

  • There is no page count reset for the fuser page or maintenance kit . This printer does not track page counts for maintenance.

  • UPC Code 768855214835

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