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HP LaserJet Printers Fuser Mode Adjustments Using FUTURESMART Firmware

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

HP LaserJet Printers Fuser Mode Adjustments Using FUTURESMART firmware

There are certain variables i.e. paper type/weight, toner quality, print speed and fuser life that in certain combinations may require an adjustment to the fuser print mode if the toner is not properly bonding to the paper. The newer FUTURESMART printers will have this option available to change in the following menus:


From this point select the paper type (usually plain) being used then select PRINT MODE. From here you will have a list of modes to choose from, generally;


  2. HEAVY and


The settings which will slightly reduce the printer’s speed which allows for a longer fusing process. You may then have to experiment with different settings for best overall performance.

Print mode and feed speed

Print mode Feed speed-1 Media sensor detection

  • Normal 1/1 Yes

  • Heavy media 1 Pro No

  • Heavy media 2 1/2 Yes

  • Heavy media 3 1/3 Yes

  • Light media 1 1/1 Yes

  • Light media 2 1/1 Yes

  • Light media 3 1/3 Yes

  • Glossy media 1 1/3 Yes

  • Glossy media 2 1/3 Yes

  • Glossy media 3 1/3 Yes

  • Glossy film 1/3 Yes

  • Envelope 1 1/2 No

  • OHT 1/3 Yes Label 1/2 No

  • Designated media 1 1/2 No

  • Designated media 2 1/3 No

  • Designated media 3 Pro No

This procedure works on the following HP laser printers

  • M651

  • M652

  • M653

  • M855

  • M553

  • M552

  • M551

  • CP5525

  • More

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