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HP Laserjet M712 M725 Fuser Maintenance Kit Installation + Reset Instructions (VIDEO)

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

For today's printer instructions we will be reviewing the fuser maintenance roller kit parts replacement for the HP Laserjet M712 M725 Printer and MFP CF249A or CF235-67921

The HP CF249A M712 M725 Fuser Maintenance Kit consists of:

  • 1 CF235-67921 M712 M725 Fuser

  • 1 CF235-67910 Transfer Roller Kit

  • 1 RL1-0915 Tray 1 Pick up Roller

  • 1 RM1-2462 Mp Tray Separation Pad

  • 2 RM1-0037 Paper Feed Roller

  • 2 RM1-2983 Tray Separation Roller Assembly

  • 2 RM1-2998 Pickup Roller Assy Lower Cassette

  • 1 RL1-1206 HCI Pick-up roller

The CF249A M712 M725 Fuser Maintenance Kit Includes

Printer symptoms that will tell you its time to replace the maintenance kit

  • Replacement message on control panel is displayed

  • Whining high pitch or groan noise

  • Mis feeds or multi paper feed

  • Paper Jams

  • Page skewing

  • Grinding noise

  • Fuser errors or image defects

Shop for HP CF249A M712 M725 Fuser Maintenance Kit

Fits these HP printer models:

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 Printer M712dn CF236A

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 Printer M712n CF235A

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 Printer M712xh CF238A

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 MFP M725dn CF066A

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 MFP M725f CF067A

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 MFP M725z CF068A

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 MFP M725z+ CF069A

We will be using the M725 as our demo printer today for the installation. The procedure is similar across all the models described.

HP M712 M725 Printer Repair Notes

  • Repair time of less then 10 minutes.

  • There are page count reset instructions for these models which will be located in the comments section below

  • It has a recommended 200,000 page yield.

  • This M712 M725 maintenance kit is available in a number of different options on metrofuser.com

  • Both M712 and M725 exploded view Parts Diagrams can be found below links

  • M712 Printer Parts Diagrams

  • M725 Printer Parts Diagrams

Start by making sure the printer is off and unplugged. Approach the printer from the front and open access door.

HP M712 M725 Fuser / Maintenance Kit Page Count Suppliers Reset Instructions

1. For the HP Laserjet 700 M712: At the product control panel, press the Home button. Select Administration > Manage Supplies > Reset Supplies > New Maintenance Kit > Yes > ..

2. for the HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 MFP M725: From the Home screen on the product control panel, scroll to and touch Administration > Manage Supplies > Reset Supplies > New Maintenance Kit > Yes > Save > .

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