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HP LaserJet Error Text Messages N-Z

HP printer display message- What it means and What to do


The printer is offline Press GO or READY or ONLINE to place the printer online.


The output bin is full and needs to be emptied. Remove the sheets from the output bin.  Also, the output sensor could be out of alignment, or the photo sensor for the output bin could be bad.


Print media is wrapped around the fuser. 1. Turn the printer off to keep the media from wrapping more firmly around the fuser. 2. Open the top cover and remove the toner cartridge. 3. Remove all the visible media. 4. Leave the printer turned off and remove the fuser to remove any remaining print media.


To ensure optimum print quality, the printer prompts the customer to have routine maintenance installed. Install the printer maintenance kit. You must reset the maintenance page count after performing printer maintenance. Note The printer maintenance kit is a consumable item and is not covered under warranty


The printer is conducting the manual cleaning-page process.Wait for the job to finish. This can take up to 2.5 minutes.


The printer is processing a job. Wait for the job to finish. This can take several minutes for a complex print job. If the printer "hangs up" on processing a job then it could be a bad formatter board.


The RAM disk had a critical or fatal failure.1. Reseat the RAM disk. 2. Replace the RAM disk.


The requested operation could not be performed (for example, attempting to download a file to a nonexistent directory).1. Check the filename and directory name. 2. Reseat the RAM disk. 3. Retry the operation.


The RAM disk file system is full.1. Delete unnecessary files and then try again, or turn the printer off, and then turn the printer on to delete all files on the device. (Delete files using HP Resource Manager or another software utility. See the software online help for more information.) 2. If the message persists, increase the size of the RAM disk. Change the RAM disk size from the configuration menu on the printer control panel. HP Resource Manager can also be used to increase or decrease the RAM disk size.


The printer had to compress the job to fit it in available memory. Some data loss might have occurred.1. Press GO to continue. (The print quality of these pages might not be acceptable.) Add more memory to the printer or to simplify the print job


RAM disk is protected, and no new files can be written to it. Disable the write protection through HP JetAdmin.


The message first appears when about 15 percent of the toner is remaining in the printer toner cartridge (about 1,500 pages remaining for the 10,000-page cartridge and about 900 pages remaining for the 6,000- page cartridge at five percent coverage). Depending on how the printer has been configured in the configuration menu, it will either continue to print or stop.If the printer has stopped, you can resume printing by pressing GO for each job.  The high voltage power supply could also cause this error.


The printer toner cartridge has run out of toner. Depending on how the printer has been configured, it will either continue to print or stop. Due to the resolution of the toner level sensor, it is possible that a small amount of toner (less than one percent) might still be present in the cartridge.If the printer has stopped, you can resume printing by pressing GO for each job. Replace toner cartridge. The high voltage power supply could also cause this error.


The specified tray is empty, but the current job does not need this tray in order to print correctly. If this message appears and the tray contains print media, a sensor could be damaged.1. Load the empty tray (x) to clear the message. If you do not load the specified tray, the printer will continue printing from the next available tray, and the message remains. 2. If the message remains after the specified tray is loaded, check sensor arm flags for damage and be sure they move freely. 4. Replace defective paper out sensors.

TRAY [x] LOAD [TYPE] [SIZE] where x is tray 2, 3, or 4

This message occurs for the following reasons: The printer Tray 2, 3, or 4 was requested, but the tray is empty. Tray 2, 3, or 4 was requested, but the adjustments are not set for the requested type or size.1. Make sure that all three paper size adjustments have been made. Also make sure that the type has been set at the control panel. 2. Load the requested media into an indicated tray. Ensure the tray is fully seated.   4. Make sure the paper tray is set for the proper size.  Also you might need to replace the cassette size PCA.


The print job has requested a size and/or type of media that is not loaded.Load the requested print media into tray 1 (or any other desired tray). - Ensure that the trays are correctly adjusted for size. - The tray type settings (and size for tray 1) must be set from the paper-handling menu. If this message appears and the correct media is loaded: - Ensure that all paper size adjustments have been properly performed (see page 220). - Ensure the tray type setting is correct in the paper-handling menu. - Check the size tabs on the right side of the tray. - Check the size switches and paper sensors. - Ensure the tray is fully seated.

TRAY 1 SIZE = [xxxx]

The printer is asking what size of media has been loaded in tray 1. In response, you can take either of the following actions: 1. Press SELECT to accept the paper size. 2. Press -VALUE+ to change the size and then press SELECT to accept the new size. The printer will first display the TRAY 1 TYPE = XXXX message (see the description of that message). If you do not press any buttons in the time-out period (about one minute), it displays this TRAY 1 SIZE = XXXX message. Changing the size here changes the default for tray 1 paper size in the paper-handling menu.